Why I only wear North Face (as a millionaire) (2023)


Ex-Google Tech Lead finally answers this question, explaining why he is so cool. This video is not sponsored by The North Face.

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Tech wait here.

Welcome back now, you may have noticed.

I am always wearing North Face gear.

In many of my videos, and you may be wondering why so I thought it would make a video to explain- and you may find that this advice will help you in your personal and professional life as well.

Maybe you can get you a date.

Maybe it can get you a promotion because, unlike most people, I've really give them fashion a lot of thought.

I thought the bother holistically now.

The fact of the matter is is not really North Face that I'm trying to wear here and in fact they are not a sponsor.

If you take a look at what I'm wearing on the inside, this is the Patagonia jacket, so I thought it would give you a rundown about what type of clothes will make you personally and professionally successful.

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Several years ago, I used to be just like you, I would be wearing these designer graphic tee.

Shirts, shredded jeans and I had this philosophy that if I was gonna wear any clothes, then it needed to be exciting and visible.

Like I didn't want to wear anything boring and what happened was I would go to these clubs and people would just I think they probably thought I was a player and they ignored me.

People felt uncomfortable talking to me.

I gave off this sort of strange player vibe and when I went to the store like Armani, Exchange and I would buy myself.

These hundred dollar t-shirts, $150 pairs of jeans, I, realized, I, looked around the store and everybody there looked like pretentious pricks and I did not want to associate myself with any of those people in the store.

And so that's when I came to this conclusion that when you wear expensive flashing clothing shirt is going to make.

You look cool, but it's also going to make you look self-centered and very arrogant, and just really all about yourself like like look at this guy.

He just went out and spent hundreds of dollars purely on his own self-image, just to make himself look better than everybody else like with a self-centered and greedy arrogant, bastard, not to mention I felt that this made me very unapproachable and it was a waste of money as well so I backpedaled on this whole strategy about wearing flashy, clothing and I started going towards like gap, so gap clothing, it's a very clean, traditional and classy look you're, not intimidating at all.

It looks like you're a friendly that people can talk to.

If you go to a club in Gap, clothes you'd probably be approached by all sorts of people, but at the same time you may be a little bit boring and for me, when I worked at clothes, it just wasn't me it felt way too boring not to mention the quality was not very good.

Usually after one or two washes, the clothing would be complete trash, and so that left me for a few years very confused about what type of clothes I should be wearing and buying.

Now the other fascinating aspect about this is that fashion I, believe, is something that is defined by culture and by the people around you.

So if you think about it, why do business suits? Look good because successful rich people happen to be wearing businesses and that's what they wear when they go to important meetings, you associate the business suit with success.

Similarly, if you take a look at jackets, well, jackets look cool because motorcyclists happen to wear jackets as armor padding and because of that association.

Black leather jackets make someone seem more masculine cool a little bit sporty, and so whatever your perception of what looks good is something that another person has defined.

Usually, that is the influencer.

So that puts me in the interesting position because, as an influencer myself, anything I wear is by default, going to look good, it's going to be considered fashionable right.

If you take a look at the top ten celebrities that you admire and if they're all wearing pajamas, then you're, probably going to think pajamas are going to look pretty cool as well.

So whenever people tell me what to wear like I should wear white shirt and khakis, because that's going to make me more fashionable.

Well, that's really cyclical logic, because, by definition, anything I wear as an influencer is going to be considered.

Fashionable I define the next wave of what is going to be considered fashionable and the only way to make something even more fashionable is by increasing my level of success when I wear certain clothing.

So whereas most people are out there imitating copying and consuming trying to pretend that they're something that they're not or associating themselves with some other form of success, and this sort of mimicry is what they considered to be fashionable because associates them with that higher level for the influencer.

They need to create that success on their own.

If you take a look at my clothing, for example, I'm usually either wearing my own merchandise, which you can check out in the description below I'm on vacation now so I, don't have that and or I could be wearing this Patagonia jacket.

This one I actually received as part of a award for a team project that succeeded very well.

You couldn't buy something like this, so this one has some custom team logos on the sides and no amount of spending money could have bought me.

This jacket I had to actually earn it and in terms of culture, it's fascinating to me that what may be considered fashionable in Silicon Valley could be considered complete trash fashion in say, Europe and vice versa.

If you wear a suit in Silicon Valley, you may just appear to be pretentious now when that began traveling a lot as a digital Nomad.

It became apparent to me that I couldn't be going around with 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of pants, 20 pairs of shirts and matching socks for all of these outfits.

It just wouldn't fit inside.

All of my suitcase not to mention I could be in the variety of environments from code mountains to hot deserts, and there would be so much wear and tear on these clothing materials without very good laundry machines or hand wash areas that if I were to go around would say like a cashmere scarf, it would probably be ruined so fast.

That's when I began to realize that for the modern person who may be traveling a lot like I, say a digital, nomad, there's a certain uniform, and this is just like how astronauts may wear spacesuits for people who are on the road all the time, there's a certain uniform for that, and that is the sort of all terrain type of clothing.

That looks.

Okay looks quite good, but it's also very functional and has high-quality materials, and we think about it.

I think of myself, as somebody from the future I'm living the sort of lifestyle where at this point, right now at least I'm able to just travel around, go wherever I, please and I'm not really locked down in any one single house, and this is probably the way most people will be living 50 years into the future from now.

So when you think about it, what does fashion look like 50 years from now? What about clothing? Will people wear? Do you think people will still be wearing khakis and jeans, probably not fashion changes very quickly, but then people may be wearing cyber kinetic suits with jet thrusters in the back.

But as a part of that uniform, you may have something similar to say outdoor gear, which is our train weather proof, waterproof breathable materials, antibacterial, look good in any environment from office to clubbing to hiking, and you might consider that by then we would perfected the most perfect piece of clothing, a unification of form and function, and there any piece of clothing that we have today like khakis and trousers and shirts that without be considered terribly old, updated non-functional, not even looking good and you would never date.

Anyone who would wear clothing from this era.

It would just be so mm, and so, with these factors at play, I began looking at more functional types of clothing and that brought me to brands like North, Face, architects, Patagonia Columbia and even some of the other technical clothing.

You may find that Uniqlo or any other brand, but to me I kind of realized that the sort of outdoor clothing just makes you have a very pleasant vibe like you're, an outdoor active, hiking type of person and that's a great image to have far better than somebody who seems very self-centered into clubbing.

All the time like a player type of vibe or far better than the type of person, who's wearing gap clothes, he just looks very sterile and neutered or Banana Republic clothing, which kind of makes you look like a corporate slave and people.

Don't really wear that type of clothes and the other day, except for the work week, Monday through Friday, and then attempt to try to impress their bosses.

So here's what I did one day I decided to just trash all of my gab clothes, my arm on the exchange clothes, my guest jeans, my Banana Republic shirts, and just replace it all with North Face clothing, um Patagonia clothing is fine too, but I just thought.

The colors were kind of ugly Columbia.

It just seemed a little bit too cheap I.

You know this isn't about trying to save money.

I'm still out here, ready to shell out big bucks for fashionable clothing.

In fact, a lot of this outdoor clothing is quite expensive.

So I saved my money up over a few weeks and got a lot of this stuff and then went to the club and I realized.

All the girls started talking to me and approaching me and I managed to start getting dates, and it just gave off this really nice Pleasant vibe about me right and they were reflected better about who I was like I, am into nature and just being outside and doing things and I felt that I was just more approachable.

People were less intimidated when I went into in the office environment as well.

It just made me look like a sociable type of person who everybody wanted to be friends with I, wasn't wearing like Banana Republic clothing like I'm, trying to compete with you to see who can get the promotion, I wasn't wearing super boring, gab clothes or a clubbing clothes which would be inappropriate in the work environment.

So that kind of brought me to my current wardrobe set and I just wear the same clothes pretty much every day.

The sort of breathable soft shell type of material is good for indoors or outdoors.

It gets you the sort of self-regulating temperature, oftentimes I'll, just wear a t-shirt with a jacket on top, and yet this has done wonders for me as well as just boost my overall confidence, because I'm able to really act like Who I am I'm not trying to pretend to be a fashion model or trying to be somebody that I'm not when you consider first principles.

Why is something fashionable? Well, usually it's because whoever first wore that outfit was quite successful and inspired people, so when you're outfitted to perform your best and you're not trying to be somebody else, you're not trying to fit in somebody else's shoes.

But you are unapologetically yourself being yourself doing your thing, I think that's going to just be the best version of yourself that you can present to the world.

So they'll do for me, but let me know what your clothing philosophy is and if you have any suggestions for me, because I'm always looking to improve, how can I make myself even more stylish as difficult as that may be.

Please give the video a like.

It really helps with the algorithm.

I hope you enjoyed.

The episode and I'll see you next time, thanks bye.


Why are people obsessed with North Face? ›

The North Face continues to be a brand that needs to be studied for its consistency. As a brand, it has continued to stay in the limelight of the fashion industry due to its design alone, making simplicity key in the longevity of fashion exploration and selling.

Is North Face a status symbol? ›

The North Face-branded jackets have become a status symbol of sorts. Through branding and marketing efforts, The North Face has come to symbolize affluence, hip-ness, and loving the outdoors.

Is North Face high end? ›

Is North Face considered a luxury brand? While North Face might not be up there in prices with Louis Vuitton and Dolce Gabbana, it's certainly considered a luxury brand in the outdoor world. They offer high-quality materials in all of their products and boast long-lasting jackets, pants, etc.

What is special about The North Face? ›

The North Face produces outdoor clothing, footwear, and related equipment. Founded in 1966 to supply climbers, the company's logo draws inspiration from Half Dome, a distinct rock formation rising over 8,700 feet above sea level in Yosemite National Park.

What type of person wears North Face? ›

Typically worn by outdoor lovers, The North Face is a brand built out of practical needs: its jackets are weather-resistant and built to keep you warm, meaning you wear it to go on an adventure. Worn in a casual context, they're often favored by tech bros in Silicon Valley—not fashion girls.

What age group wears North Face? ›

Demographics. The North Face brand appeals to multiple demographic groups—men and women mid- to higher-income active mountaineers from late teens to mid-40s and the same age range up to the mid-50s for active or urban professionals who like the look and comfort.

What does wearing North Face mean? ›

The name of the company is based on the north face of the Half Dome in Yosemite, California, to which attention was given on the generalization that the north face of a mountain in the northern hemisphere is regarded as the coldest, iciest and thus the most formidable to climb.

Why is North Face so expensive? ›

Because so many people want a North Face jacket, the brand can keep prices high without worrying about if they are going to lose customers. As long as people keep paying for them, there's no reason to lower the prices. Another reason why these jackets are expensive is that they are made out of high-quality materials.

Why is everyone wearing puffer jackets? ›

Well, puffer jackets provide that protection extremely effectively at an affordable price. They're easy to clean and comfortable on the skin, and most don't feature extra interior insulation that some people find too stuffy.

Why is Patagonia better than North Face? ›

Patagonia is more known for being environmentally-conscious and eco-friendly, while North Face directs its efforts on updating and expanding their product line. Additionally, Patagonia focuses more on their product materials and durability, which is often reflected in their higher prices.

What is more expensive Patagonia or North Face? ›

In general, Patagonia products tend to cost more than North Face equivalents. You can see this in some product comparisons below, but this is usually because Patagonia goes the extra mile with the quality of their materials and production. This is not always the case but is true in general. What is this?

When did North Face become trendy? ›

Despite the brand's booming outdoor success, The North Face also found itself adopted by somewhat of an unlikely mass during the '90s. At a time when hip-hop was at its peak on the east coast, rappers would don TNF jackets, subsequently sparking a new wave of interest across New York City.

Is North Face fashionable? ›

The North Face is considered fashionable due to the brand featuring consistently in The New York Times, Vogue and GQ over the years.

Who owns The North Face? ›

Image of Who owns The North Face?
VF Corporation is an American global apparel and footwear company founded in 1899 by John Barbey and headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company's 13 brands are organized into three categories: Outdoor, Active and Work.

Is The North Face popular in Europe? ›

The North Face accounted for more than a third of the outdoor apparel market by 2012, according to the New York Times. And the brand is just not as popular in Europe and other countries abroad with colder climates.

What is the controversy with North Face? ›

Conservatives are calling for a boycott of The North Face after the brand released a Pride campaign starring drag queen Pattie Gonia. The ad promotes the company's “Summer of Pride,” a series of outdoor events taking place across the US.

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