Sugar Mountain, North Carolina vlog!

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We're doing great guys, I know that wasn't your best, he goes shot sh.

Are we good um? I think we might be good okay.

We should probably intro this vlog over all right hurry up.

Is it gonna, be? Oh, my god, dude you had like four hours stressed out driving for four hours stressed out what stressful thing happened.

We were just driving straight.

I don't know pulling a 20-foot freaking camper behind my truck for the first time might be a little stressful, not that stressful yeah says the person sleeping in the past.

I took a 20 minute nap, okay anyway, what's up guys peeps? What's up guys, we have made it to north carolina because we're gonna go snowboarding.

We hope yeah.

We hope.

Oh god, all right.

Can I go now? Oh, my god.

Okay, oh all, right, she's! Looking pretty good guys, I hope nothing broke.

Just gonna clean my feet off on this thing, okay, guys! So I'm about to just unpack the camper um.

Obviously we stowed everything for when we were driving, but it looks like it held up pretty well um.

We have to get our snowboards out of here.

We just kind of threw them in here last night or this morning feels like last night.

We woke up at four and we got on the road around five ish sort of so it took us about four hours to get here and it's about 10 30 now so we're gonna unpack the camper, get it all hooked up so that when we go to the resort to get our snow passes like our ski passes, when we get back tonight, it's like not that big.

We don't have to do that much so anyway.

We're gonna go in uh, unpack old june.

Here I think her name is june.

I mentioned in the previous vlog that I wanted to name her and I typically name things um and she kind of just looks like a june to me.

I don't know we'll see how how she does this weekend and if that will stay her name, but right now her name is june.

So yeah we're gonna, go unpack the camper all right guys.

So it's been a minute.

We unpacked the camper and we are now at a ski store, because someone doesn't have pants.

Ain't got no pants and he forgot our face masks for like our ski masks.

So now we have to go, buy some all right do everything you can do everything.

Let's go.

What have you done? Oh god, okay, where's! Your actual like face mask, though, like your face mask kuvin mask yeah, so here's mine's, okay, this, oh I'm doing so great, can't win them all.

You know and she's up, gotta flip the hips, oh you're, good you're good.

Oh just my uh gopro died on my first run, which is probably better because we're not doing too great.

Today I tried to video angelina on my phone and completely ate it yeah, we'll insert some clips of that.

Hopefully you can even hear us um a nice view of the uh the resort and then uh.

How do I flip this? Let me just flip that I gotta stop.

You gotta start recording, oh well, there's you can see some apartments up there, pretty cool it's pretty crowded out here, though yeah it's much more crowded than I expected and or would like I'm doing all right, angelina shredding some pow, I don't know if shredding is more like eating it more like eating it eating some pow.

Oh, this is like this is what sam has to want.

That is not a cute angle.

Oh my god.

I am tired.

I am trying to keep up with you, I'm trying to keep up with you my body's tired, I'm trying to keep you from getting killed.

Now you're asking me to wear my shoulders out behind look at this ski screw.

Look at a little one in the back two hours later last run of day one.

How do you feel good yeah? Let's go! Oh, you got a limp.

What why are you new limping new boots breaking them in guys? I need that.

What about that? I know they just did the um the snow plow, not that freaking and it was nice.

I was walking down and I was like wait.

Where is this when I go snowboard on an ice rink, I don't know it's late in the day, I'm sexy.

Aren't I I'm sexy and I know it you desperately need.

A haircut desperately definitely need one.

I need to get off my pinky toe.

I directions.

I got it, don't get lost, I'm so tired.

We got up at four o'clock, that's a normal day.

I don't know what kind of normal that is, but the bus was quick though yeah the bus was quick.

It was fast but day one of snowboarding is in the books.

I can't believe my gopro died.

You know that was tough.

That was tough.

What was worse was I tried to film you on my cell phone and freaking.

I ate it destroyed myself.

Watch it wow really close.

Okay, so you need you need directions.

Uh I mean we could just wing it um.

I have an idea.

No, I got this.

Don't worry about this, that's what all men say.

Well, where is my phone? Oh, is this like a school school bus? You gotta stop for the bus, yeah right, I got snowboards that'd, be so bad.

I almost lost mine on the mountain.

Did you yeah trying to film you because your gopro died? No, it didn't die.

Remember the sd card was, I fell and I like hit my elbow and the phone went flying breakfast yeah really crappy, mcdonald's sandwich.

It was your idea I know, but I thought we were gonna get.

You said.

Oh, let's get to the resort, we'll get lunch.

Well, you wanted to stop for breakfast.

That was three hours before we got to the resort.

I mean I don't know right, which is perfect time for lunch.

Huh we didn't have lunch today, that's point blank period we needed lunch.

That's what I'm saying! I'm good all right.

I feel like this.

Camera is not even showing your face, but that's okay.

It's not showing my face yeah! It's okay, though, of course it's okay, we'll be done.

We'll vlog.

When we get back I'm exhausted.

Can you see that so we just got back like 20 minutes ago and the toilet is leaking.

So there's just like a huge puddle of water, which is super random, but one of sam's co-workers is trying to help us with it.

But it's off send help like I can't like wash the dishes.

I can't do anything without water, so I can feel like the little blades.

It feels like the hook up to it, yeah because it wasn't doing that and it wasn't doing it earlier.

Yeah yeah.

It's spinning.

I mean no, it's not spinning, but it's pretty loose yeah.

Let's hope that fix it photos outside first camper trip.

First snowboarding trip solo, snowboarding, plastic cup.

I know I'm sucks foreign, so what's up guys, so sorry for the poor quality, because it's on my phone, but we are beat yeah, we're tired and it's like what time? Is it? Seven? Six? Thirty, six, six ten yeah six ten, so we snowboarded all day and we stood in line to get our tickets for night skiing for like and they get you off some good videos a solid hour, though no the standing in line took a solid hour and I was freezing um.

So now we're just hanging out in the bar area by the fire, because I'm cold and then we're going to try some night skiing, so that'll be fun, but we just wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update.

Hopefully you can hear me um.

My butt hurts because I fell on it really hard um she's getting better, though yeah yeah, I feel like.

I did good the last two times and sam was helping me.

I don't think he had the gopro camera on for that, but uh I'll get some of that yeah.

I got a good video from the time yeah.

He got some good ones because he went by himself, but I'm just like hanging out on the blue, the blues and the greens, but we're learning so we're trying to make it out of here in one piece: that's the goal: that's my goal.

There's been like six people that have just had been like written down by the paramedics, and it's just been stressing me out.

I'm gonna coach, her up in the terrain park, yeah, okay and hit the half pipe yeah, but anyway we want to give you guys a quick update and we're gonna go hit the slopes anything else.

You have to say, cheers yeah, cheers guys hope, you're, not freezing like us.

We're recording all right guys were you.

Are we hitting this one? Are we going down? I mean I kind of feel like this one's better, because there's less people all right hit it.

You know what you got to do.

Right, left right, left right, build some speed, flip that over come on.

Give me your best shot.

I know that wasn't your best shot come on angie turn.

It back turn it back.

There you go, go right! All right, come back left better girl come on that a girl come back.

All right make your turn.

Whenever you want come on turn it left there you go get out in the slope.

Come on, go straight turn it there.

You go bend your knees.

A little bit come on, come on, keep going all right, come back wow! It's all right! That was close.


You go, oh, don't turn it so much build up.

Some feed come on.

You got it that a girl all right go come back, I'm falling down a hill.


You go hey turn it hey you, you don't have to go from that way.

All the way back.

This way, just turn it a little bit.

Look! Oh, we look so cute.

I need to wash my hair so bad yeah, I'm nasty yeah, it's kind of gross.

What are we doing do this or what it can just sit there? What's the difference? What because I gotta be I'm trying to get this done before I get there, gosh.

Okay, all right guys, so we are on our way back home.

It is sunday um.

We are just about to pull in to drop the camper off, but we wanted to conclude this vlog um.

I'm not really sure how much vlog footage we ended up getting.

I know we got like quite a bit of gopro.

Am I boring you, I'm tired, um, but excuse our appearance.

We haven't washed our hair, we've been roughing, it we've been roughing.

It um we snowboarded for, like it 12 hours yesterday yeah, so we had some we're feeling it today I am beat up, I feel like I got hit by a bus but um it was really really fun.

We ended up going to sugar mountain skate resort in north carolina, so it was really fun and we would love to go again.

We got to test out all of our bro, I'm sorry.

We had to test out all of our snowboarding equipment, so that was really fun but yeah.

I don't know what I I really don't know what we got in terms of footage, if it'll even make sense, however, works great yeah.

The camper works great, we survived.

That was really.

The main purpose of this trip was to like get away for 48 hours and snowboard as much as we could and to see if the camper was like livable, which it is so hopefully we'll be able to make more trips in the future um and we'll be able to use june.

We named her june, where I named her channel.

I named her june.

You don't like james.

I would not put my name on that.

You don't like june.

That's okay, oh well, would you have a better name, not off the top of my head, though right? Okay, so well I mean steve is better jesus.

Oh my gosh.

This man wants to name everything steve anyway.

Her name is june.

Okay, that's what we're sticking with little june bug um and hopefully we can use her more in the summertime and go camping more, but she was perfect for us, so hopefully in the future, we'll do like more in-depth vlogs with june.

This trip was just a sort of like wham wham.

Thank you, ma'am um kind of trip anyway, but sam has to desperately go to the bathroom.

We look like we spent the weekend in the camper, so we did just ignore that we're gonna go home and take a long shower and unpack all the stuff.

So keep going can just stay with me for like two seconds.

Okay, all right! So if you like this video, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below we're going to do more vlogging as the year goes on.

So can I go pee now yeah? Oh my gosh! Every time I put this camera he's like.

Are we done? Are you ready? Can we go so I guess that's the end of this vlog guys, thanks for watching and we'll see you next, one.

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