UPDATED 2022: 12 Things To Do in the Winter Peak District & Derbyshire (2023)

In the cooler months, it’s all too easy to start hibernating in the close to zero temperatures and stay home but there’s really no need and there are plenty of days out and activities to be had in the Peak District and Derbyshire – from cosy tours in a 4×4 to snowboarding, flea markets and family fun…

Here’s our pick of 12 things to do and places to go in colder months:

1. Swadlincote Ski & Snowboard Centre

UPDATED 2022: 12 Things To Do in the Winter Peak District & Derbyshire (2)

If you either want to get some practice in for an upcoming ski or snowboarding holiday or you just fancyhaving some fun on slopes, there’s lots to offer here with lots of facilities to ski, board, tobogganing and tubing. If you’re a total beginner and want a new year challenge there’s lessons too. About 1.5hr drive from Buxton so within easy reach heading out along the A515 towards Sudbury.


2. Walk – Chinley to Edale via Kinder Low, Peak District, 9.5 miles

Certainly it’s a good idea to choose your day carefully when you walk up here but the views north towards the Kinder Scout plateau (scene of the historic Mass Trespass on April 24th, 1932) and east over the Vale of Edale can be a photographer’s dream, especially if it’s had a dusting of snow or frost.Edale itself marks the southern end of the Pennine Way and the Hope Valley railway drops you conveniently back in Chinley if you’re travelling to the area by train. Otherwise Chapel railway station is a good but pleasant walk towards Eccles Pike. The following link has a number of suggestions for walks across the Peak District including this one:


3. Go Caving with Dolomite Training

Dolomite Training based in Bakewell offer a range of caving courses from beginners to those who are more experienced, and this makes for a great winter activity to get you moving in the cold weather and see some of the areas most stunning underground caves in the area. They also offer a varied range of other outdoor activities and courses from mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling and more.


4. Hire a Bike from Hassop Station and Cycle the Monsal Trail

Bike hire at Hassop Station is available all year round and the facilities here including the café and open virtually all year too. The converted former railway station houses a great cafe, superb book and gift shop and cycle hire and cycle repairs. Located along the Monsal Trail, not far from Bakewell, if you’re feeling fit, you could drive to Bakewell, park up in the car park right next to the trail and walk down to Hassop Station where you can hire a bike. In the autumn and winter months the Monsal Trail is less busy which does offer a more intimate experience of the fascinating industrial heritage (eg. lime kilns and old railways tunnels) wildlife and beautiful vistas along the trail. You’ll still see plenty of wildlife if you look carefully such as red grouse, short eared owls, birds and mountain hares, to name a few.

5. Take a tour in a 4×4 to the most scenic spots in the Peak District

UPDATED 2022: 12 Things To Do in the Winter Peak District & Derbyshire (6)

If you want to see some of the best views and scenery of the Peak District, or visit some award winning real ale pubs – in the comfort of a warm 4×4, without having to worry about driving it – Live For the Hills offers a brilliant day out. And don’t think it’s just for visitors either, this is a great activity if you’re local and want do something different on your day off. You can choose from a wide range of tours – photography tours, scenic tours, bespoke tours and more.


6. Bolsover and Pevril Castle both open during Winter

Bolsover and Pevril Castle are open during the Winter, at weekends only. The breathtaking views from Pevril Castle are always worth the visit looking across to the pretty village of Castleton and the Hope Valley. Bolsover Castle also offers spectacular views and The 17th century castle is a fascinating place once you start roaming about inside and around the grounds.



7. Winter Fun at Chatsworth

A superb day out for all the family to enjoy, even on a more colder rainy day, you can warm up with a stroll in the grounds surrounding Chatsworth (no entry required) which are stunning on a winters day and the Carriage House Café makes a great stop for lunch or a coffee and slice of homemade cake. The house and garden are closed, reopening on 26th March. The farmyard & playground will close after half-term, also reopening on 26th March 2022.


8. Brick Corner – Lego Fun

If your kids (or you!) are Lego fans, then a visit to Brick Corner in Buxton is an absolute must. A true paradise Lego fans, there boxes galore of Lego kids to play with and there’s regularly special events on too. Parents can enjoy a slice of cake and coffee while the kids are occupied but everyone can get involved!


9. Hunt for vintage gems at Chesterfield Flea Market

UPDATED 2022: 12 Things To Do in the Winter Peak District & Derbyshire (10)

Chesterfield holds its famous flea market every Thursday with over 100 stalls every week. From 9am – 4pm you can peruse antiques and obscure vintage finds, and the good thing is, there’s plenty of coffee shops right on your doorstep in and around the market area if you need to get warm from the cold.


10. Poole’s Cavern and Buxton Country Park

UPDATED 2022: 12 Things To Do in the Winter Peak District & Derbyshire (11)

Go Beneath the earth and explore the vast limestone caverns on a guided tour and see how the spectacular crystal stalactites and stalagmites have lined the chambers over millions of years. With new LED lighting, the caverns look spectacular along the effectively illuminated walk ways, so don’t forget your camera. A day out at Poole’s Cavern can be enjoyed by everyone and the Cafe in the Cavern serves a varied, tasty menu, with light meals or if you just fancy a coffee somewhere warm. The walk through Grin Low Country Park opposite the cavern entrance up to Solomon’s Temple offers breathtaking views of Buxton. Open all year round, it’s an ideal winters day out.


11. Denby Pottery Village

Shop, eat and experience! Whether you have a few hours or want to enjoy a full day out, the Pottery Village offers a wealth of family-friendly activities that all ages can enjoy. Learn more about its 200 year history in the heart of England creating tableware and cookware. Closed only on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, it’s a perfect day out on a chilly day as there’s plenty to do here and you can enjoy a tasty lunch in in Bourne’s Coffee Shop & Bistro or as a special treat, Afternoon Tea. Their brand new Craft Studio for creative ‘play with clay’ sessions look great fun too. Of course there’s great shopping on offer too at the Denby Factory Shop and Cookshop.


12. Thornbridge Brewery

Created in 2005, Thornbridge Brewery has become on the leading craft ale producers and their famous Jaipur was what really catapulted Thornbridge into the limelight. You can now experience the brewing process for yourself at The Thornbridge Experience, in their new tasting experience you’ll learn the story of Thornbridge, understand the intricate elements of the brewing process and experience a tutored tasting all within their brand-new state of the art taproom.


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UPDATED 2022: 12 Things To Do in the Winter Peak District & Derbyshire? ›

Winter is the perfect time to wrap up warm, blow away those cobwebs and come and explore some of the beautiful places the Peak District has to offer. There's nothing better than seeing the best of nature against a frosty background or with a sprinkling of snow adding that touch of magic.

What is on in Derbyshire December 2022? ›

Christmas Markets in Derbyshire and Peak District 2022 – Our Pick of the Best
  • Matlock Christmas Market.
  • Mercatum Christmas Artisan Market.
  • Christmas Fair.
  • Belper Winter Food Festival.
  • Festive Themed Artisan Market in Chesterfield.
  • Bakewell Christmas Sparkle.
  • Buxton Christmas Market.

Is Peak District good in winter? ›

Winter is the perfect time to wrap up warm, blow away those cobwebs and come and explore some of the beautiful places the Peak District has to offer. There's nothing better than seeing the best of nature against a frosty background or with a sprinkling of snow adding that touch of magic.

Why is the Peak District so famous? ›

The Peak District is famous for the ancient tradition of well dressing. The world's earliest recorded example of the art was at Tissington in 1349. More than 70 Peak District villages still take part in well dressings, which started as thanksgivings for pure water.

Is the Peak District free? ›

Many of our events are free, although we have introduced standard charges for guided walks and some activities, but your donations are always welcome and appreciated. Every penny is used to help look after the Peak District National Park.

What are the wonders of Derbyshire? ›

The Seven Wonders
  • Pooles Cavern & St Annes Well. He was referring to Poole's Cavern and St Anne's Well in Buxton, Peak Cavern and Mam Tor in Castleton, the Ebbing and Flowing Well Tideswell, Eldon Hole and Chatsworth. ...
  • Chatsworth. ...
  • Mam Tor. ...
  • Peak Cavern. ...
  • Eldon Hole.

What date is Chatsworth Christmas Market 2022? ›

When is Chatsworth Christmas Market 2022? It's just been announced – the Chatsworth Christmas Market 2022 starts on Saturday 5th November 2022 and it's on until 23th November 2022.

What are the seven wonders of the Peak District? ›

7 Wonders of the Peak
  • Chatsworth House.
  • Peak Cavern.
  • Mam Tor.
  • Eldon Hole.
  • St. Anne's Well.
  • Poole's Cavern.
  • Ebbing & Flowing Well.
  • Peveril Castle.
Nov 18, 2009

Do I need walking shoes for Peak District? ›

And unless the ground is dry (a rarity in the Peak District) trainers just get wet. Hiking boots for all the family ensure that everyone's feet are comfortable and dry. Our boys have been wearing hiking boots since the age of two. Check out these top pick for kids hiking boots here.

How many days do you need in Peak District? ›

You can easily spend a week touring the Peak District and exploring the area by car or on foot if you enjoy hiking. Book accommodation in a central location in one of the pretty towns and villages such as Bakewell or Matlock and use this as a base for day trips to surrounding areas.

Can you walk anywhere in the Peak District? ›

Everyone is welcome to walk on the wilder, open spaces of Britain's mountains, moors, commons, heath and downland.

Does Derby have a Christmas Market? ›

It's the perfect opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, support small businesses and treat yourself to a mince pie. This is one traditional Christmas market not to be missed. Entry to the Festive Market is free.

Where is Bakewell Christmas Market 2022? ›

Bakewell Christmas Market weekend will be held on Market Street, Granby Road and Riverside Crescent and welcomes visitors, friends and families to our very own quintessential Christmas Market.

Is Bakewell Christmas Market on this year? ›

When: 18th November 2023, 9:00am. Explore exciting tastes of different cultures or fill your soul with comforting favourites; over 100 stalls in and around our beautiful, historic market town… including those of food, drink and lovingly made gifts, crafts, plants and more!

What's on West Sussex December 2022? ›

11 Jun - 10 Jul 2022Festival of ChichesterChichester
29 Nov 2022OthelloWorthing
9 Dec 2022Seth LakemanWorthing
16 Dec 2022Chichester Comedy ClubChichester
17 - 31 Dec 2022The Wind In The WillowsChichester
76 more rows

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