This Is Why Mountain Monsters Season 9 Is Taking So Long (2023)


It seems like it's taking forever for the Travel Channel to even just announce the next season of Mountain Monsters, but I think I may know the answer as to why that is.

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Foreign man, as you can read from the title of this video, we're of course going to be talking about Mountain Monsters season nine.

Today hoorah, yes, mountain monster season, nine, where the hell is it we don't know.

It's been a question.

We've been asking for a long time and it's been a year now, almost well just about as we're going in the middle of March.

Now then, a year since we've had any new episodes of Mountain Monsters seems really weird, especially because you know it was a cliffhanger.

It's not like they could wrap it up or concluded a story or nothing.

No, it was a cliffhanger.

We don't know, what's gonna happen next, we need to find out more information about the tiger Valley.

If you wanna know my thoughts on that, what the whole season will be about go ahead and watch the video in the link up there in the top right hand, corner there's a bunch of them.

I made tons of season 9 videos, you guys need to like them, because of course you want to know more about the new season.

I, don't blame you and they're pretty good.

So check those out if you want, but today we're going to be talking about exactly why Mountain Monsters season 9 hasn't come out yet because to me it makes no darn sense.

It really doesn't I mean you know you have this huge fan base of hillbillies I love the show why not at least keep them updated.

You know tell them when the new Season's coming or something, but if you actually go and look into it a little bit you'll see the reason staring you right in the face as to why this new season hasn't come out yet or even hasn't been announced for that matter.

Well, Discovery plus the streaming service that mountain monsters is on is obviously going through a little bit of change, even though the streaming service only just came out, I think in 2019 or 21 of those years well either way it's going through some changes.

It's actually going to be merging with HBO, Max and other streaming service, which is a bit more popular for sure, um, I think at least I believe they're going to be merging together in April.

So, very soon this year and they're going to be calling the new streaming service Max.

So, instead of just having Discovery content, like you know, Mountain Monsters and home renovation shows and Bigfoot shows stuff like that.

Like the more reality, TV shows.

Basically, it's going to have a lot of other things on, like HBO I think they have like Scooby-Doo and all kind of Warner Brothers property stuff like that.

So this can be merging together.

Creating one bigger platform, streaming service called Max I, believe it's gonna be cold, and that is where Mountain Monsters is going to be falling on, probably for season nine I mean who knows could be changes in the way.

They've and I was just like a year ago, I think, and now we finally have a name for the new streaming service.

You know we're just getting a little bit more information about it, I believe it's coming in April on an unknown date.

I, don't know the official date.

Maybe it has been announced I, don't really keep up to the kind of stuff, all that much I, don't really care.

You know, as long as they can see the new season.

That's all I really care about uh, but you know.

Hopefully it doesn't come in April, and that is where the new season will come.

I think they're just waiting for that merger to happen so that you know Mountain Monsters can come out on Max and not Discovery plus, because if you call you know, you say, look Mountain Monsters new season, Discovery Plus! You know it's going to be very dated very soon, because, obviously before long or are they halfway through the season starts.

If they've made the season right now, you know, obviously it would change the name.

It would just seem really dated um and it would just be confusing I think so.

I think that's the reason that they're waiting I believe it's filmed I think it was filmed a long time ago because you gotta remember they're continuing the tiger Valley storyline that storyline when it ended off the season it ended off.

In the summer you can tell by the trees, they're all green, very luscious.

Looking so I think they never stop.

Filming I.

Think when they're filming that story for this season, eight they just kept on filming I, don't think they stopped I think the season will end in the fall of just last year 2022.

It makes a lot of sense that they're going to continue that storyline.

But of course, if they're not going to continue that storyline, if they're going to do something completely different, you know how like they did with season seven, which I honestly don't see that happening because of course, the only reason that ever happened was because they were switching the platforms at the that the show premiered on so that made sense I, don't think they could use the same storyline or something like that.

I think there was something about it.

They can't even mention it I think um, so yeah they had to create something new.

They were forced to I think, but now they don't have to do that.

I, don't think.

Even though you know it is a new platform, it's gonna be streaming on.

It's still on Travel Channel, it's still owned by Travel Channel.

It's not like switching from Destination America over to travel channel.

It's not a huge change like that.

It's really just a name change and you know, like I, said: Mountain Monsters is not exclusively on Discovery plus right now.

It's also on the Travel Channel now I've been looking at Travel Channel show times on the TV Guide online y'all can go view it right now.

If you want I, went all the way up to April 25th the day after my birthday and no mention of Mountain Monsters at all, and it's weird because there's a whole bunch of other shows very similar to Mountain Monsters around that time.

So I mean there's always a possibility with this merger that the show could be canceled but I mean I'm.

Just not gonna even really touch on that.

Much because I, don't think it'll happen, I, don't think they're gonna cancel a season when they already filmed it completely.

I mean I, think they can they filmed it.

I would assume that next season, like we talked about before it, will wrap up the tiger.

Valley storyline should finish it.

I mean it's.

The third season now we're following around the same storyline so I sure as hell hope that they finish it up now.

I, don't think we can go into season 10 with the same storyline.

They gotta change it eventually, even though it is fun, you know, I like it and everything I just think we need to change eventually, but yeah.

That's just my take on it.

I think it makes sense, though I know I'm just speculating.

None of this is official news.

We just still don't have a release date uh, but we do know that if it, whenever it comes out, it'll most likely be after April 25th around that time.

I think it'll come in May if I'm just guessing, because it makes sense or June, because you all gotta, remember June 22nd is the 10-year anniversary of Mountain Monsters.

So who knows they could actually start off the season on that day, it would actually be kind of cool it'll, be a full circle kind of moment for the season start off season.


On the you know, 10 years after the first day, they uh started Mountain Monsters season one.

So, who knows? Maybe that's what's on there? Maybe that's what they're waiting for.

Maybe all this talk about, Discovery plus merging is all just nonsense.

I'm saying, but it makes sense to me, especially because mountain monsters are pretty popular, show y'all gotta, remember a lot of HBO shows are much more popular than Mountain Monsters.

They got some big names in there.

Obviously, Scooby-Doo shows and I don't know a lot of DC shows and stuff like that.

I don't know about anything much about HBO, math I, never had it I, don't think it's in Canada right now.

So who knows that one's got me thinking? They better have this new streaming service in Canada I'm, assuming they will I, don't even think it'll potentially be a different streaming service.

I think it'll still be Discovery plus just called something different, and you know a lot more added content to it.

It'll make sense when it comes out.

I think the new Max streaming service and I think that adding on hey look new mountain monster season is loose Beyond Max, they don't make people subscribe to it and I think that's probably their thought process for all this, because you know they want people to subscribe to the new streaming service, because I believe HBO Max was not doing so great.

That's obviously why they closed it down and they're going to be merging the two together Discovery Plus.

On the other hand, I, don't know how well it's doing in terms of subscriptions and all that I don't really care either.

I just want a new mountain monster season come come on.

Travel Channel give us a new season, eventually I'm sure they will y'all, and thank you all for watching today's video.

Hopefully, the new season will be coming soon, most likely in May or the very end of April or even June 22nd, to be an exact day like that.

If you want an exact day there, you go I, think it'll be June 22nd, that's my take on it.

It's still a while away, though you know it's snowing out here.

Right now, when I'm recording this today on March 12th I think it is so who knows still got a while away for the new season, I'm sure it'll come and oh it'll, be a fun three months of watching new episodes of Mountain Monsters each week and we'll be doing tons of videos reacting, maybe reacting to each episode, who knows a little review each week on each one.

My thoughts on them.

Who knows what we'll do but it'll be fun.

I can't wait for a new season of Mountain Monsters.

Tell me y'all what y'all's thoughts in the comments below hoorah we gonna catch some monsters.

Thank you.


This Is Why Mountain Monsters Season 9 Is Taking So Long? ›

The official Mountain Monsters Instagram account revealed on December 10, 2021 that an eighth season would premiere in January 2022. Season 9 celebrates its tenth anniversary, and is scheduled to come out in fall 2023.

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The official Mountain Monsters Instagram account revealed on December 10, 2021 that an eighth season would premiere in January 2022. Season 9 celebrates its tenth anniversary, and is scheduled to come out in fall 2023.

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Unfortunately for Trapper and his close family and friends, he passed away due to his health complications in December of 2019, not long after Season 6 of Mountain Monsters concluded. Travel Channel penned a social media post in his honor. He was 72 years old.

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An actor or actress is a person who portrays a character in a production. The actor performs "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre or in modern media such as film, radio, and television. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής, literally "one who answers".

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Mountain Monsters, a horror series is available to stream now. Watch it on The Roku Channel, Sling TV - Live Sports, News, Shows + Freestream, Philo, Prime Video, Apple TV or Vudu on your Roku device.

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Watch Mountain Monsters Season 7 | Prime Video.

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Mountain Monsters - Season 8 episodes (10)

Things heat up for the team on a hunt for the legendary Grafton Monster.

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