Stone Mountain Park 4th of July Laser and Fireworks Show 2021 | Full Show l 4K Ultra Low Light (2023)


Stone Mountain Park 4th of July Laser and Fireworks Show 2021 | Full Show l 4K Ultra Low Light

We visited Stone Mountain Park for the return of their Fantastic Fourth Celebration which lasts for five nights in 2021. We visited opening night, July 1. This specific Laser and Fireworks show is nightly through July 5th. The show is an hour long with about 45-50 minutes of various laser shows and about 10-15 minutes of fireworks.

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This is video is a part of our "Things to Do Around Atlanta" series where we're covering activities families that visit Atlanta or live in Atlanta might want to experience. Stone Mountain Park is the number one visited attraction in Georgia.

A big part of the laser show is what is shown nightly during their Summer at the Rock laser show though August 1st, 2021. This Summer at the Rock laser show is nightly at 9:30 at night.

If you haven't ever experienced Stone Mountain Park's 4th of July show, you need to go in person. It's amazing between the laser show and fireworks. This year you reserve a square for $19.99 on the lawn and have a specific area to sit. You choose from the hundred of squares, but it gives you a few feet between your family and the family next to you. It is so comfortable!
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Hey, everyone and welcome to adventures by d, we're bringing you to still in mountain georgia tonight for the first night of their fourth of july, fireworks and laser show.

I think it's called like a fireworks spectacular, see, got my tripod set up to get you the optimal view of the laser show and fireworks on stone, mountain and above it, on the carving and above it I thought we're going to show you what happens.

We got here during the day and it's transitioning tonight and we're going to kind of walk you through.

Let me get in the frame, please.

Yes, we're going to walk you through the cost of what you have to do to reserve we're sitting in a reserved square to watch the fireworks it costs 20 for that, but join us on this stone mountain fourth of july fireworks adventure, it's back.

They have a ton of stuff to do with their attractions pass.

They have a 4d theater.

They have a train ride, they have new shows for the summer.

Here's a map in case you're, interested in stone mountain.

We are just heading to the lawn area here to watch the laser show and fireworks.


People are claiming their squares time check because I'm good with the time checks it's 7, 46 and laser show is supposed to start.

I think 9 30.

dave is time on task here, we're about an hour and 45 minutes early and um.

Look at all the folks here, already closer, so we're here.

A couple hours early, we actually ate dinner in the stone mountain like a german restaurant and the village close to here.

It's about two miles away.

We wanted to beat traffic coming around, had a great dinner, a separate vlog on that so check that out highly recommend that restaurant so fun they brew their own cider, which is like awesome to me, because I thought it would just be german beers, but they had cider and we're sitting.

Here we set up it's about eight o'clock.

We think the laser show and fireworks will be 9 30 and while this is fourth of july and they're, doing special laser and show and fireworks for fourth of july for five nights, stone mountain is currently having summer at the rock they're, calling it and every night until august, 1st they're actually having a laser show at 9 30.

So that's special this year for summer.

So this is baseline, barbecue house we've never eaten here, I'm just since we're here and waiting on the fireworks.

I thought I'd do a little video of it.

Please you come over here and want to know what's to eat on site.

Apparently they have the great bone heist on the railroad over here they have mowgli's 4d in a 4d theater we've been inside the 4d theater before for the polar express for their christmas.

So it's right now it's mowgli's! I don't know if that changes, halloween or not, but I know for christmas- it's usually a polar express actually inside there.

It's really cool, there's some great 4d effects at christmas.

I won't ruin it for you, but we'll be back for christmas check out the christmas vlog from last year.

Actually we were here last christmas and then outside we got um, I'm not even going to try to pronounce this a thick headed lizard getting down celebrating independence day.

Even the dinosaurs are patriotic tonight.

Oh man, that's tempting the sweet shot but check out the uh cars going over here.

How it works for their fourth of july and their laser show in general is that you buy a square on the lawn this year.

So you can see the kids are sitting in a square we're sitting in a square.

These squares are set up, the square is basically twenty dollars or if you have a membership, pass it's ten dollars, but you have to buy this square in order to sit on the lawn to see the fireworks, they also have separate tickets for terrorist seating, which is per person, so this terror singing.

I have a feeling is up here and you get a chair per person.

You get some snacks like popcorn and a drink, and you sit up there for the viewing, but that's a per person charge versus 20 for an entire square.

I think it's an eight by eight square hang on dave.

Just came with some treats what'd you get powerade and some kettle, corn and brace yourself.

What the beaver nuggets, what it's stone mountain stone mountain has beaver nuggets what you think of those beaver nuggets.

Actually they are pretty good they're right here.

Does it taste like bucky's, beaver nugget, exactly yeah, interesting, they're, just a little bit more coated caramel for them? So can you talk about what you saw in the village down there because you took a walk? It's pretty quiet! It's! It's open! The sweet shops open.

Obviously the train depot's down there, but the last one just ran it's pretty quiet, but there's a whole icy stand open down there.

You can get icees water, the barbecue, the barbecue wait a second! You came back with powerade and you could have brought icees it's okay, um the barbecue restaurant is open.

I took some pictures of that.

Some pricing we never eat there and then the main cafeteria in the train terminal is open too, very cool, but pretty much everybody's out here for the fireworks yeah.

Of course, right.

It's not like christmas, where everybody runs out for a leisure show runs back to the village.

This is all about the lawn july 4th I mean this is really like the original thing at stone mountain before halloween before christmas.

This is what it's really known for it's a great video dave's stretching out getting ready, getting ready for a nap yeah.

That's the thing with this: it's a definitely a hurry up and wait.

It reminds me of sometimes going to the beach and seeing the fireworks you gotta camp out.

It's worth it though yeah.

It's well worth it yeah.

Actually, it's nice to be outdoors and seeing fireworks the weather's nice, it's like some rain blowing in so like some of us didn't go to dollywood.

We haven't seen outdoor fireworks since two years ago.

Well, you're gonna go to busch gardens, so you're gonna see their show true and they have fire and water and lasers yes tune in in animals and roller coasters july, 8th, 8, 30, 8 p.m.

Eastern standard get ready hit that bell set your reminder: you're going to be live at 8 30.

we're going to be live at 8 30 at busch, gardens, town eastern eastern thursday july 8th summer nights pretty much a week from when we're filming this, because we're july 1st.

So by the time you see this it'll be like two days set that reminder go to our website.

I'm gonna get this up really soon yeah and then let me get a shot on the kids here.

We're getting ready, we're just kind of waiting waiting.

It's getting darker and darker! Technically sun has set or is setting now, according to the weather channel site, we're at 9 00 pm.

You can see how much it has filled in now.

You can tell the lights have come and on consultants.

Our revised policy now allows fully vaccinated guests and guests aged 12 and under to visit.

Snow mountain park without wearing a mask or physically distancing both indoors or outdoors and now stone mountain park is proud is, is oh uh um, oh crazy, 2, so mum.

So, oh george, just an old sweet song.

Georgia comes sweet and clear as moonlight through the fire free knows around the world is: oh, is I don't want to fly? I can't see this.

That's the way.

I've always me.

We we will rock you.

Oh y'all ready, so go up uh.

They stay down here so uh.

So hello.

Today, just me oh put on your red shoes on the radio.

Oh, oh! What ah wow is I'm! Oh, is okay! Oh that's good! Where nobody wants to is down the street.

I got everything I need she was born and raised.

So good.

Hey me! Oh me, some girls kiss new lips every is I wanna be like I.

This is me it's mushrooms when you don't regret, I'm the best ways like so so when the devil finished johnny says you know, you're pretty good old son, but you just swap down in that chair right now, I'm going to show you how this stuff's done so well, I don't know about his head because he knew that he missed me and he laid that golden fiddle down on the ground.

Trying to speak.

Jonathan devil come on back.

If everyone try again, I haven't told you once you son, of a gun, I'm the best he's ever been so so, if you look inside your heart, you don't have to be afraid away is.

Is oh is yes, oh till I find my hero's world the engine uh oh, what's up stripes is, is me oh hey, oh, is is we will see, is oh so, oh so wow celebration on july, 4 1776, the united states of america, declared its independence from great britain and became a new nation with a population near 2.5 million citizens.

Today, over 325 million citizens strong, we celebrate our independence by honoring, those who have served those who are serving our public servants and first responders around the country who protect our diverse and ever-growing families.

God stand beside foreign is hello, so uh, so oh, my gosh um, so so guys wow what a show it was literally an hour long.

The lasers were probably 50 minutes.


We got their regular, I think summer laser show and we got a patriotic laser show, and then we got fireworks holy cow dave.

What do you think it was awesome did not disappoint.

We were here well over an hour.

Laser show lasted half an hour, 45 minutes.

Then we got a deluge of fireworks and fireballs and sparkles and I loved it.

It was awesome so happy to be back seeing fireworks, and this is uh better than I remember it being do you remember it being this long dave and we've been here before it's been a few years since we've been here, the kids were a little bit little, they probably don't even remember, but it was longer a longer show.

I remember yeah.

We came out a long time ago, uh probably at least five years ago, which probably means 10 years ago, but it was great worth the drive can't beat the price uh great value for a fireworks show.

So with that, please subscribe to our channel and like this video, we cover all sorts of things- theme parks, disney, universal dollywood.

We've been to a lot wild adventure in south georgia uh.

We just went to kings island in holiday, world um.

We also cover attractions in and around the atlanta area.

We are atlanta base, so we're doing a whole series of what you can do in atlanta with a family in stone.

Mountain park is one of them so stay tuned, because we have a whole bunch of videos coming out about that and with that guys, what do you guys want to say and guys we've been doing a time lapse a night time lapse on the gopro.

So I'm going to put that footage in here.

So you can see what the show looked like through a time lapse footage.

Hopefully it turned out good.

Thank you for watching make sure to like subscribe and ringing a bell, so you'll be notified of our next upload and, as always, may the adventures be with you.


Is the Stone Mountain Laser Show worth it? ›

The laser light show is worth the trip. It starts at dark. The light show shows a history of the mountain as well as the state of GA. There is even a tribute of GA musicians.

What time is the Light Show Stone Mountain? ›

It takes place at sunset and lasts about 45 minutes. Typical schedules include nightly shows in June and July plus weekends in May, August, September, and October. Refreshments are available. The laser show is projected onto the huge north face of the mountain.

How long is the laser show at Stone Mountain Park? ›

The Summer Light Show is approximately 45 minutes in length. The special event Light Shows including Latino Family Festival, Soul Fest, Pumpkin Festival, Stone Mountain Christmas, and Lunar New Year are approximately 20 minutes in length.

Why is the laser show at Stone Mountain ending? ›

However, with the show being outdated and in need of a revamp, Stone Mountain Park has decided to bid farewell to the laser show and replace it with a brand-new state-of-the-art production they say will be bigger, brighter, and more breathtaking than ever.

How much does it cost to get into the Stone Mountain Laser Show? ›

$15.00. Walk-up tickets will be sold based on availability. Also available as an add-on to an Attractions Ticket. Advance reservations are encouraged to ensure your entry to the Lasershow.

Can you bring chairs to Stone Mountain Laser Show? ›

Visitors to Stone Mountain Park can bring their camping chairs and spread out their picnic blankets across Memorial Lawn, where you will get a spectacular view no matter where you are!

Do you have to pay to see fireworks at Stone Mountain? ›

Access to the Light Show and fireworks is included with an Attractions Ticket or Light Show only ticket. Access to park attractions and seasonal live entertainment is included with an Attractions Ticket.

Do you have to pay for parking at Stone Mountain laser show? ›

A simple parking fee of $20 at the gate will grant you access to many of Stone Mountain Park's experiences that are at no additional charge. If you are local or visiting for multiple days, then you may want to consider purchasing the $40 season pass parking option to save on future visits.

How much does it cost to go to Stone Mountain? ›

Stone Mountain Park requires a $20 per vehicle entrance fee. Annual Passes are available for $40 and are good for 1 year from purchase. Click here for more information about the Stone Mountain Park.

Can you see the laser show from Stone Mountain Inn? ›

You can see the show from the 2nd floor balcony and hear the music, but you can't catch all the words. For your first time to see the show, you should walk across the street to get the full effect; then you can stay at the hotel for subsequent viewings. Helpful?

Do you have to pay for parking at Stone Mountain Laser Show? ›

A simple parking fee of $20 at the gate will grant you access to many of Stone Mountain Park's experiences that are at no additional charge. If you are local or visiting for multiple days, then you may want to consider purchasing the $40 season pass parking option to save on future visits.

How long does it take to do everything at Stone Mountain? ›

“How much time should we allow to see the entire park?” It all depends on how many activities you want to get in. For me, I like to do as much as I can so I need two days. I like to ride bikes around the mtn, hike the trails and of course climb it for the view of ATL.

How much does it cost to see the Christmas lights at Stone Mountain? ›

Tickets for ages 12 and up are $39.95, children ages 3 to 12 are $34.95, and kids under 3 get in free. The Christmas VIP Attractions Pass gets you front-of-line access and other amenities for $10 more. STONE MOUNTAIN PARK CHRISTMAS HOURS: Open from November 12, 2022 to January 1, 2023, but closed on Christmas Day.

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