Mountain River Family Campground/Grandfather Mountain (2023)


We had a great time in the NC Mountains as we celebrated Katina's Birthday. We camped at Mountain River Family Campground, Newland, NC and loved it. We visited Grandfather Mountain and explored the well known Swinging Bridge at over 5200 ft.
Our Purpose: We love to camp and want to inspire others to get out and explore God's green earth. Use whatever you have and have fun! We always meet awesome people along the way and we would love to camp with you in the future.


Mountain River Family Campground:

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Grandfather Mountain:


Today is a very special day.

Today is somebody's birthday.

She is 21.

21 again nah, so we won't tell you her real age, but today we're in we're in newland north carolina at mountain river, family campground, and it is absolutely beautiful.

We are loved by camping inside girl, outside guy inspiring others to get outside and explore god's landscape.

Shrimp, fried rice on the bottom, shrimp, fried rice.

Any of that for me, of course, I'm not even gonna.

Give you a hard time, because it's your birthday, okay, all right guys so katina's birthday is today and she wants me to sing happy birthday.

I can't sing so here's the best rendition happy birthday to you.

That is that was the rendition of what that is.

A happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you, okay, so I get to make a wish make your wish, make it good, yeah, great job.

You want to check out that game room.

I already have a playground for the kids, oh, but don't don't be tripping now I mean you know you can get it even though it's your birthday, but we all know how to connect four game went down last week.

We need to make talking, that's different, okay, oh nobody! Look! You stand up on a rock up there, now you're pushing it.

What's she doing hey we're at grandfather, mountain square fridge, where's she walking across him yeah I'm going to see we're going to find out.

That's right, I'm going okay.

Where did you get to the middle? We know what we have let's hold on tight.

I got you on camera, so you can say you did it.

We don't need no more hear the crickets see the moon, oh you're! Almost there, all right, you did it.

We had to prove it.

Did you gather something after this later appreciate it katina faced the fear of heights with grandfather, mountain, she did the swinging bridge and she took a picture on the rocks.

She still, I think you did good.

Thank you.

He finally gives me my props every video.

He runs me down.

Every video I give you your props, thank you.

You even went over the bridge.

The funny story is katina has a fear of heights and I don't like the mountains, so we're both have to deal with heights.

I don't like driving through the mountains, but she has me up in the mountains at grandfather, mountain and we're gonna look at some of the animals.

They have up here, they're.

Looking pretty good, you want one again, scared of it.

No, but I just like look at that thumb.

They're beautiful this.

Yes, so down there is where that bear is mildred the bear and the other big bear the male bear.

How about we go down and check them out? How about you go so that when you get mauled to death, I can tell them where you went and what you did.

How about that? I think we should just go ahead and just look at just go down there, real quick.

Can you see what the sign is saying? Look at science says: authorized personnel take a good photo.

No okay! You are authorized we're not authorized.

I'm authorized to walk back to the call on.

Second, though I think I changed my mind, I'm not going down and mess with that bear! That's on you anyway.

He was crazy.

I cannot believe you got me in these mountains.

It was so beautiful.

You may be glad it's your birthday because otherwise I don't think I don't think I'll be up here.

Watch your step, software yeah.

This is kim she and her husband mike own mountain river, family camp brown, that we have fallen in love with and think it's absolutely beautiful.

So how long have you guys owned this catboy? We purchased this property in uh, the end of august in 2017 and um.

2018 obviously was our first full season: okay, uh.

We have 62 full hookup sites and uh we have a bath house um.

We also have a little laundry room.

We have a lake in the middle of our campground that has fish for catch and release.

It's a lot of fun and we are located on the north toe river in avery, county and north tow river is full of trout.

Okay, we are a perfect location for trout fishing.

All right.

We open uh in april the first weekend in april each year with trout, season, okay and then we close at the end of october each year.

Okay, so do some people live here all the time where everybody leaves? No, everybody leaves it okay, the end of october, all right! Well, we have loved it.

We think it's amazing.

So if you're looking for the best camping ever in the mountains, uh jeffrey is now convinced he was not a mountain person uh, we highly recommend it.

Oh thank you! So much so my wife has us riding atvs here in tennessee, I'm not sure what part of tennessee! What round now? Okay, there you go.

Uh we're gonna, do some atv riding uh in the mountains, which is out of catina's inside of katina's uh wheelhouse, because she doesn't like she doesn't like hikes.

I don't either to be honest with you, especially in the mountains, but she's doing good.

Tell me your name again: it's hayden hayden hayden has been phenomenal and so where? Where are we right now? What city are we in right? Now we are in our own mountain tennessee, okay, okay and you do this every day, every day best job ever best job.

I've ever had rain, sleet snow, we're here, oh really, even in the snow snow.

Last christmas we had two and a half feet of snow and people came.

People came.

What's your website website it's off the grid, uh, not an adventure off the grid.

It's either off the grid.

Mountain adventure.

That's what we go through I'll.

Give you guys a brochure at the end, you guys can check it out, um right, there's our number and that's it country, utv, so mountain river, family, campground, newland, north carolina, it's a nice place to come.

It's absolutely beautiful! This is if you're thinking about camping and nature.

It is absolutely beautiful.

This park, or this campground is big.

Rig friendly, got some pull through sights majority of our back insights.

I think this campground has about 62 sites on the property number 62.

yeah, I'm not.

We won't fit in that spot.

I don't think so.

So here's where the bathrooms are we're not going to go inside the bathrooms, but they don't have bathrooms and a laundry in a laundry facility on site another side to the campground.

I got new camping friends.

This is a camping family right now I have parents and son and daughter-in-law and you guys are from north carolina and we fell in love with their american flag lights.

So we're gonna order us some, but so tell us.

How long have you guys been camping? Oh our life crash, oh wow, yeah.

Okay, so you grew up camping.

Yes, he grew up.

I grew up camping, okay, I didn't okay, I didn't either.

I didn't know the bees we're pros there.

Oh y'all you're the problem we're the prey: okay, okay, since I'm the oldest in the group.

I guess I'd be the pro okay okay, so you camped your whole life.

Yes, did you tent camp or tent camps? Pop-Up camper camping? We actually had a pop-up before this came out.

Okay, but we did start tent camping in the old, green, tent and burned up at the beach and froze in the mountains.

Well guys, thanks for joining us this weekend, as we explore the north carolina mountains for katina's birthday.

Yes, I had a blast.

I hope you guys had a blast with us.

We were at the mountain river family campground.

It is absolutely breathtaking in newland north carolina.

So if you have never camped in the mountains before you definitely owe it to yourself to come here.

It is beautiful.

The owners are amazing, the sights are great and the people are awesome, so stick around for our next video, if you haven't done so already, please subscribe to our channel like and hit that button.

The bell so you'll know when our next video drops and until then we will see you later.



Does Grandfather Mountain Campground have WIFI? ›

We do have wifi available on the grounds.

How do I pick up WiFi at a campground? ›

7 Easy Ways to Get WiFi at Your Campground
  1. Use Your Mobile “WiFi Hot Spot”
  2. Try a WiFi Extender.
  3. Get a Portable WiFi Router.
  4. Use Satellite WiFi.
  5. Purchase an Internet USB.
  6. Use the Campground WiFi.
  7. Go into Town.
Jul 29, 2021

How do I get WiFi at my campsite? ›

If you're camping you can get Wi-Fi with a mobile hotspot device, by hotspotting from your phone, or by boosting campground Wi-Fi signals into your RV.

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