Most embarrassing DUI stop of this trooper's career? (2023)


On July 16, 2020, at approximately 11:31 p.m., Arkansas State Police Trooper Donnie Cheers was on Interstate 55 south at the 8-mile mark running stationary radar when he observed an SUV traveling at a high rate of speed in the far left lane. He activated his rear radar and confirmed the vehicle's speed to be 82 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. Trooper Cheers exited off the highway shoulder and identified the vehicle as a gold Honda Pilot.

Cheers attempted to initiate a traffic stop by activating his blue lights, after which the Honda Pilot continued to Exit 7 in West Memphis, Arkansas. After exiting the interstate, the Honda Pilot pulled into an Applebee's parking lot.

From Trooper Cheers' report, lightly edited for clarity:

"After the vehicle stopped, I got out and walked up to the vehicle. I stated who I was and the reason for the stop. I asked the driver for her driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. The female driver, Devan Marie Williams, was only able to produce a paper copy of her driver's license. Upon receiving her driver's license, I could smell the odor of intoxicants. I returned to my patrol car to advise dispatch of my location.

I returned to the Honda Pilot and ordered the driver to exit the vehicle. The driver was adamant that she had not consumed any alcohol. I performed field sobriety tests on Williams, and the clues indicated she was impaired. After completing the field sobriety tests, I gave Williams a preliminary breath test ("PBT") and she attempted to manipulate the test. I instructed her to blow harder, as if she was blowing up a balloon. Williams blew harder after a few attempts... at which point she blew a .105 BAC, and stated that she "was good."

I informed her that she was over the limit and under arrest. Williams refused to put her hands behind her back and took off to her vehicle, pulling away from me. At that point I tried to remove the keys from the passenger side but was not successful, because Williams put the vehicle into motion. Williams fled east on the South Service Road, through a red light. While carefully looking in all directions to ensure there was no oncoming traffic, I proceeded through the red light. I pursued the vehicle until I lost sight of it on the east side of 7th Street. At this time terminated the pursuit due to not having the suspect in sight."

Devan Marie Williams was arrested on either April 1 or April 2, 2021 — records reflect both dates. On April 5, 2021, William was released on $25,000 bail, with a court date set for May 28. On April 21, a felony information was filed, charging Williams was felony fleeing. She pleaded not guilty to the felony charge, the disposition of which is unclear . We are working to obtain clarification on the outcome of the felony charge, however it appears that Williams may have arranged a deal in which she will plead to (/or was scheduled to plea to...) misdemeanor fleeing. Somehow — in the middle of all that — she managed to earn herself a 15 day sentence for contempt of court. Williams' next court appearance is scheduled for October. More to come.





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Oh so close the door close the door close the door so hey, how are you doing hey, I'm trooper with the arkansas state police, state police reason why poor joe o'clock you're doing 82 and 65.

Let's see you like some registration proof engines.

Okay, now I see your license.

You had anything to drink tonight, okay, where your license is okay.

When was the last time you had something to drink, you sure no yeah, I'm just stressed out.

Okay, I haven't had anything to drink, there's nothing in here; okay, all right! So yeah! I didn't know applebee's parking lot here in westminster with tennessee one, two, five, six one david on a gold honda pilot, eleven d154c 10.2 all right, mr van impe, get you to step out for a minute I'll, just make sure you hadn't had anything to drink marion exit.


So what do you want me to do all right? Just stand over there by my car.

Just stand right here in the front.

I just stand right there in front turn around face me I'll, go ahead and put tree together, arms down by your side.

Only for you to follow the tip of my finger with your eyes and your eyes.

Only do you understand.

Do you understand what I want you to do? Do not move your head and I have contact okay, all right.

Well, if you do put your feet together, arms down by your side, do you got any type of medical condition? Yes, that will prevent you from taking this test.

You're gonna take standardized fields to broadcast.

Oh, yes, all right now, I need to you.

Do get these heels on me all right now! Yes, sir, if you're not comfortable in those heels, you can take them off: okay, okay, all right so you're, fine! So what I need for you to do now, put your feet together.

Arms down by your side, put your right foot in front of your left: foot right! Foot! Your put it just like this! Okay, all right, you gonna maintain that position.

Okay, you gonna, maintain that position till I till you do otherwise.

Okay, put your arms down by your side.

Oh shit, we're on like an incline, so it's not gonna happen all right! We come up here where it's low.

You come up here where you know I want you to be comfortable.

This is level right here, yeah and then I'm trying to get used to hills again.

All right, you can take them off like I said if you want to be comfortable you're going to get a flip flop for your car, you, okay with that.

However, you, if you need to be comfortable, you can put your flip-flops on that's my husband he's with the mpd.

Okay, so is that better, hopefully, okay, all right just stand right here for all right feet together, it's your right foot in front of your left foot arm down by your side, all right! I'm gonna demonstrate what I want.

Okay, one two three hold on start before it start start before all right.

I took three steps on that: ninth step.

You're gonna, take a series of small steps to turn around okay and you're gonna, take nine heal the toe steps back one two three I took three you're gonna, take nine okay! While doing this test, you're gonna watch your feet.

You're gonna count out loud you're.


Keep your arms down by your side do not stop this test until you told it to do otherwise.

Do you understand? I guess, do you understand? Yes, you may begin okay.

Here we go one two, three, four, five, four wait.

Is it a problem? Don't tell me it's a problem.

I've been watching.

What did I tell you to do? Take a series of small steps to turn around all right: arms together, arms down by your side, feet together together, you're gonna raise either foot of your choice: approximately six inches off the ground and you're gonna.

Keep it parallel to the ground.

Okay, all right hold on.

I'm gonna demonstrate what I want: cool: okay, okay, one thousand.

Oh my gosh, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four one thousand five, and so on.

Okay, here we go here.

We go while doing this test.

You gonna watch your feet.

Okay, you're gonna, count out loud you're gonna.

Keep your arms down by your side.

Do not stop until you're told to do otherwise.

Do you understand? Yes, I think I do.


Do you understand? I think I do? No.

You don't know what you think you do.

Do you understand nada? You want me to demonstrate again.

No, your demonstration is not going to help with these mosquitoes.

That's distracting me! Okay! Here we go.

Do you? Did you understand my instructions? I don't understand the okay um.

Oh my gosh, that's how you catch around them all right! Just come back here right here in front of my car right there in front of my car.

Tell me: what's going on just stand right there in front of my car stand right there in front of my car.

I'm gonna tell you what's going on! You follow the instructions I gave you.

I told you staying right there in front of my car.

That's what I expect you to do: stop playing games and blow okay! You know what I'm gonna take.

Look I'm trying to get look at me right here by the exhaustion.

Okay, come over here, okay, let's not stop you from blowing! Look! If you don't blow one hair, I'm gonna take you to the jail and you're gonna blow inside of there.

If you don't blow inside there, you're gonna be charged with recruiters.

Okay, I'm trying to give you an opportunity to just to.

Let me know if you're not drunk or I mean if you're, not intoxicated or you are intoxicated hey if you're under them I'll, let you go.

If not, then I'm gonna take you to jail playing games.

Okay, let's go take a deep breath and blow as hard as you can like you're blowing up a balloon: okay, people on keep blowing people on, and it's going down, no you're, not no you're not go ahead and put your hands on you.


Let me get my husband online.

Okay, oh, oh! How are you oh.

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