Mayans MC 3x10 Reaction Pt 2 "Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write" (2023)


Mayans MC 3x10 Reaction Pt 2 "Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write"
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Foreign to go around the side, key, probably in the car huddled around the [ __ ] car yo just shoot the [ __ ] where's the kid [ __ ].

Well his kid, the kid wasn't buying a car but I think she's still gonna die you've seen all that smoke come out of the [ __ ], the glass blower yeah, all the [ __ ] photos.

You know he didn't die, the kid died probably, and he knows- and he knows that he's there any word they're saying multiple casualties, I'm, a kid banged up country, just Dr Solis countries did I, don't believe I, don't believe it.

How y'all get word that quick before we even get back to the damn shop? No one can dispute this.

You earned it took it with your own hands.

Well, he didn't really.

He wasn't down there.

I think of mine has meant more to me than anything though, but if I stay all I see is more bodies.

If I go with Gabby I see babies, the Cut's not a bad fit, so it's too [ __ ]! Well, this isn't hard for me.

Maritos I would have blown that [ __ ] kid up, but you didn't I would have if I had to for books, poetry and darn I think she was trying to keep me away from something I think she saw popping me you got Pop's looks he was a gangster stop, but I got the other parts a lot.

You definitely got Mom's heart relative.

A little brother yeah man like come on man I'm, going to have a thing.

What the [ __ ] that'll, be all [, __ ], weird about it.

We don't give a [ __ ] he's trying to be polite, laughs.

You goddamn right.

Somebody need to save Coco, they listen, I, see I thought the system might have came and said you know what I mean like she was cool with easy and a couple of them.

You know, and they said, hey I think my brother was in trouble.

[ __, ] Jesus.

Here we go, can I talk to you, you're dead, being a part of Club more.

You can't just show up here in the house.

I can't be a part of anything that dude's got going on.

Junkie but he's in [, __ ] trouble see what I'm saying this is.

This is what I'm saying [ __ ] you this all this [ __ ].

This is all [ __ ], you guys hey talk to one you're at the old man's place, yeah good, you think Marcus is actually up for this yo I.

Don't know this is what's gonna, make a mistake: they gonna kill us dead boys girl.

Oh she did.

They say he said they were going to tell him to kill them.

Both they die.

Marcus ain't gonna! Do it this [ __ ] might I don't respect.

Oh can I come in.

Oh yeah, I think my girl tried to kill me last night.

What's going on the girl, yeah I'm on my way to Tom park now, perhaps is good with it.

You weren't gonna, say goodbye, [, __ ] to me, I'm, just gonna call you a girl and a soldier from that book.

The one you read to me summer of my junior year in the back of Felipe's truck.

Do you remember sorry? It's you married [, __ ] out of here I.

Think there's been a wrong inter mission.

I knew she was gonna.

Try this [ __ ].

We were supposed to go north together.

If you don't tell him, you think your husband is trying to kill you it's a weekend from this conversation.

I'm sorry I showed up like this.

You know this [ __ ] was about to tell her that her husband tried to kill her.

It got sidetracked by his bag and another [ __ ], with the girls with the girl she trying to throw the Hail Mary kiss going back with them little ass lips.

You see my girl.

Have your seven children sister final goodbye.

It's not, though everybody kill pops and her, and then that leaves them back to to begin to get here.

They better not kill her.

She don't deserve to die.

She don't at all like not even remotely close I, don't know what she's done before that before they linked up, but she don't deserve this.

Oh no I'm not even gone yet and you're really slacking off we're just enjoying first piece of glad I've had since I met.

You say: Kristen belong to my wife.

They definitely both father died.

What he do is like this, it better not be Marcus I'll tell you that much no I better, not be mark ing.

Maybe it's easy, but we'll go.

Go, live your life.

I don't want to take a move, but he needs a fresh start.

I, don't think that's what he's worried about my white, bloody soul to try to save me and now she's, not here because of me I'm not trying to save easy, because that's what good people do when they see a man drown you're.

So much like his mother, tough or we're soft anything were to happen to you.

I wouldn't be able to take.

We've caused, hey buddy, so much damage, I, hope so well, I hope neither one of them die, but he's lived a full life and everything has gone down.

Oh no, he gonna have to die, give each other's trespasses and move forward Bishop.

No, you forgetting something! This bullet, this ain't going well, I, don't think it's going to go well either it's about to cut him slice.

His throat I knew he was [.

__ ], your trespasses and [ __.

] you dang I, don't know I I, don't have the report.

I wrote in front of me at the moment.

However, you should know that, along with a murder warrant, we've seized your property on both sides of the Border and uh all right federal agents by descending upon your house in good Lord, 45 minutes, it's so cute, [, __ ].

That's what you give to kind of carry your wife, how the [ __ ]! Are you telling me all this? The soul racing dogs just not ready to retire? Yet, oh little rabbit gave us the heads up.

He wants to chase this [ __ ] like? Is he even telling the [ __ ] truth, this [ __ ] might just be playing this [ __ ] that remote possibility we always talked about, is happening.

I! Need you to go to the safety deposit box immediately.

Are you okay as long as you, it could be stole all over with me.

I'll always be fine.

I'll call the plan out because he on the Run.

Let's take this shot before he goes in the old man has seen enough tragedy in that place.

What would she say bye ago? It's better this way, huh what'd, she say what'd, you say about what she said about what he said.

What did you do? What did you say there? We feel like that computer you're not asking the right questions, trying to get away I'm, trying to hear our shooting.

No man I, see I think so they, like friends, too man, stretch I'll, take them out on my side talking too much right now.

My man is still in the mud.

He don't know what he wanted to do.

He's still winging it.

Man you about to get shot in the head.


What are you doing? We're gonna lose him I.

Guess we figured out where my loyalties lie.

Now you got to choose.

If you want to be a dead Aaron boy or your own [ __, ] man, I know he wasn't, gonna, kill him ain't no way he was going to remind him.

What did they say when summer returns and the Sentinel blossoms roses boom? Some [ __ ] to kind of poem by something that then something fly.

Little birdie fly word I might have said uh.

My wife tried to save me too 20 years later, my [ __ ] caught up with me and she died for it.

I ain't.

Having that happen to you she's about to kill him because homeboy got the baby.

It's not safe here, you're right about that yeah I'm.

Sorry I had no choice, please, but give him the revolver.

What the [ __ ]! Are you wearing we're family now sad part? Is he remind me of my Uncle Paul and he loved you so much and you [ __ ], butchered him like a [, __ ] ant I saved him and I saved my mother.

Finding out about him, you have to live with the money, I hope, y'all kill each other.

Tell my brother I'll see him I knew it yeah pop him, though, get the [ __ ] out of my house.

She just murdered her brother mm-hmm.

Now they both go who's this.

What are you doing? He doesn't gonna die I wanted his ass to die too, like they should have both died right there I, don't even look that looks human, that's [, __, ] disgusting, like a throw up.

Hey that looks so he grabbed his wife.

Well, the chick and the baby and rolled out the [ __ ] Cuba or some [ __ ] huh go to the market.

The avocados are still too hard.

Then we need wine.

She can spare the family.

Well, she's.

Definitely gonna spare the flag, I don't know, but it's [, __ ] disgusting, like cowbelly words, guys can't even look at it.

You know baby I'm done I can't wait till she pops him.

She gonna be at the house when he pop back up or you think she's.

Okay I need her to be at their table.

No I don't want the kid to have to watch her now she gonna have a gun at the kid's head.

Like you took my baby for me, he didn't feel like that.

She don't care she's, all for the kids yeah.

How long was you gone? [, __ ] flies all over the place.

We got windows open ain't, nobody there they're just swooping around no more.

She had that blog.

What the [ __ ] have you done with my family important too late.

I can't touch this I.

Would love for you to understand loss to understand what it's like to lose a child? Hmm, there's money to the gonna say she ain't dead, yeah, the baby ain't there to save his life, but this is why she said: don't believe nothing.

He says it's all lies.

One of them is part of lying and she gonna kill him and then go back to shorty.

You were tasked to keep a nation's interests.

Safe, Mercy, isn't a privilege you can afford.

Do you feel for a baby? For my child? Oh stab him.

Yes, your son is dead.

Your son is very much alive.

There's no way you're a liar.

Why would I do that? Why? Why would I eliminate the only real leverage I have over you stab him anyways and then we'll find out the truth story and we'll keep the keep you updated? They left us as cold as a [.

__ ] is his wife there.

Yet we don't leave without my wife and son, all right, they're, almost here, which, one day in the rush for you better turn.

The helicopter off you run out of fuel, stop put that [ __ ] foreign I.

Don't think this is the same thing.

I think he's seeing something else, probably they're playing camera tricks on us yeah his rings [ __ ].

You tried to kill her he's.

Trying to murder me, you thought I wasn't gonna! Remember that, like howdy, you know she's back with easy man, her sister I need you and she went and cleared that [ __, ] safety, deposit box out gotta kept the Rings too, but that was a message yeah.

That was a message.

I guess the pills would have been sufficient enough too, but yeah.

She lost your kid, your wife business.

If you pull his [ __ ] drunk if he'd take his pickle, yeah yeah I was about to ask early if he raped them yet, but I want to put it out there.

You know what I mean I've gotten that Vibe for this foreign he would have to though nah you angel, and then they riding, though maybe Angel, and they got a couple of their own little girls.

We gotta go Frank.

Oh, this [ __ ] blew up a whole trailer.

The word gas line, cut yeah that makes sense and your stripe wrong.

[ __ ] we gotta go bro.

He kind of [ __ ], recovered kind of quick right I'm on [ __, ], Army I'm, taking my brother with me and Hope's coming with us, shoot that [ __ ] in the head and shoot the [ __ ] who got the gun.

First, you want to stay free.

It's not really that piece of [, __ ] talk, show us that free will.

What do you want to do? Come on I? Don't unders like this [ __, ] pisses me off and he's like so much in love with her like they had no past before as soon as they turn it back you're some kind of honor and in this street desert, whatever the [ __ ], they want to call it my brother, always you ain't, my brother [ __ ].

When did you miss that [ __ ]? That's enough, no shoot him too! Oh [ __ ] time.

Yes, nobody owned! You baby! Let's go hop on ain't.

Nobody else! I was gonna, say once you shoot his dumb ass, oh no, damn she gonna Grow, Up and Kill Everybody seen that pan on the little girl nah, oh, he didn't even miss uh.

No, he next shot I thought he hit him in the ears now I seen the next shot, because the first initial you may want to use that when you hear what I gotta say: okay yeah, you bout to confess to kill him.

Rez you [, __ ] sounds like we're about to get Savage easy.

Now this [ __ ], said I'd have blown the kid up.

If they asked me words, foreign he's not, though no man I wish he would, but he killed the man now, the one dude.

So he should have to kill him because you killed a brother and he says how it was and that's a way.

That's why Jax had to die or had to kill himself because he killed homeboy.

Every time he's pistol with him with a [ __ ] shoot him in his pecker.

That's how I was gonna end he's, probably gonna shoot him in the arm or a [ __ ].

Knee cap him and to explain that he did oh [ __ ].

Here we go these [ __ ] laying Fires for no reason they ain't even hit [ __ ] with them.

You Ain't, Gonna, Roll inside and tell everybody I think we just talk about Savage easy.

This is it boy you're gonna run? You know this is me in the middle of the street.

Call of Duty I know yes outside Y'all [, __ ] back the [ __ ] up.

Let the truck get some speed.

[ __ ]! If you don't run and tell everybody in the clubhouse that there's he's taking them all out with uh, that was episode, 10.

I'm, not sure, but I believe that was the season finale, but I'm, not 100 sure, but I definitely think it was.

If it was.

It was a good season finale.

We got a lot of closure.

We got [ __, ] uh, what's Shorty's name again: left Miguel, mm-hmm, yeah, um shorty left easy yeah pops release, Mom Dukes from the urn yo Pop's about to come back to Savage Savage whole Savage group man.

Considering you put a hit on him and his and his daughter-in-law a dove word, you did that you did that it comes for you, hey yo, that's a lie out front who was inside like five or six of them who's left in their crew? Okay, you got a new king, but no well he's not a he's, not the king, because but they won't die yeah because he still wanted the Kings, though so yeah yeah, but yeah like because that's like 30 out front ain't, but six inside I think that was more than 30, but we'll go with 30 but yeah.

It was a lot of them out there and they all had thules I seen AKs yeah in London yeah, those wasn't no foreign.

So why? What is she lying for? She didn't want to die.

What do you mean? Why did you tell me in the first place that my baby was dead? She ain't was the one who told her and then why would she say like? Why? Wouldn't she white then be like yo, your baby's not dead yeah they made me tell you that nah.

Why would she say? Go to Potter and then don't believe whatever the [ __ ], he says because she, a company, [, __ ].

She thinks she, then why would she give him her the address to go, kill them? Nobody likes Potter, you can't be a company man and then doing off the books.

Mafia yeah, yeah yeah, something right here.

I think Potter's lying nah that baby alive I just can't see it.

That's that's the only way he knew he could stay alive to tell her I know where your baby is and I'm the only one that knows where your baby is.

You kill me, you ain't, never gonna find out back to shorty and she gonna find out.

She was lying to her about the baby and she gonna kill her.

So that's the next step, so she's going to let Potter just leave.

Nah, probably gonna die too.

When she get her baby back, then you kill your hand and fed you and beat you at the same time.

I don't know that story.

Just it's fishy, I, don't I'm thinking.

He threw a helmet thinking.

The baby died from some in sudden infant death syndrome or some [ __ ], something that had nothing to do with how they cared for the baby yeah.

They were a snatched that baby from his parent I, don't know that baby had already had a rough life in the stomach being raised where she went through her mama went through here.

The baby is alive.

I, just don't see what the point of that [ __ ] lying is.

He can't lie to her like that and tell her that babies did not a lot.

You know what I mean like they would maybe die.

They would have actually really tired of the baby dad they did.

That was a lie.

Yeah I can't figure that [ __ ] out man.

Damn they doing it lies.

It was so sad.

Well, I, guess I'll figure out if that was the finale, if it was dope season.

Overall I thought most of these episodes are pretty funny.

The only thing I didn't really like was the [ __ ] Coco storyline, and not even the drug [ __ ], because I could see that being a problem for him based off what he went through the medications with his mom.

You know, I mean all the trauma with his mom.

His mom was a junkie and then I never understand man and then [ __ ].

When he first got shot up it wasn't him that shot up, remember shorty shot him up or he woke up with the [ __ ] in his arm, and he was like what the [ __ ].

You know, dude, probably yeah I think the dude did it or somebody did it when he was knocked out and they took the pictures of him.

Remember and [ __ ] yeah, so he didn't shoot up, but then after he gets in your [ __ ] system and I guess, if you're genetically programmed to be addicted to that kind of [, __ ] due to the [ __ ] from his mom, you know what I'm saying I would assume he had a tough time, but that part of the storyline I can get with, but the fact that he fell head over in the hill with hope in a matter of a week when she was the [ __ ] that was out there sucking off the cops in the [ __ ] joint.

When was that really yeah? That was really her.

That's what everybody said in the comments.

That's who that was that was because I was like.

Who is this [ __, ] and I was like we never seen her before, and everybody in the comments was like yo y'all seen her before she was the one that was [ __ ], sucking off the cops well sure she was banging my man too I'm pretty sure she was banging at her [ __ ] trailer park.

That's why I don't understand how he just fell in love with her like I guess it's the [ __ ] heroin Heron.

They sold bondage yeah like what the [ __, ] and I'm glad we got home boy I'm, assuming he's gonna die.

He got shot in the [ __ ] neck.

He did so I want to know.

What's going to happen with the story for for Coco going forward, because Bishop said he's kicked out the club and he was kicked out bad we're gonna see how where they're gonna make it they need him, they need.

What do they need him for [, __ ]? They need all the people they can get right now.

I mean I, guess what the [ __ ].

Are you talking about you ain't see we got back up together.

Coco No Shirt already got a bunch of burn holes in them and multiple puncture wounds.

You got a gun, get in line you back in there yeah I guess: homeboy did kill himself Steve Steve.

They only passed Stephen uh, quick because they kicked Coco out.

Yeah I mean he was like.

We gotta replace him.

So we're bringing Steve on and Steve Took himself out too damn and they did Kill homeboy with the two [ __ ] joints, yeah I, don't know where he is I knew I knew 100 when they pulled up.

They just got into the joint they like yeah, multiple Camp casualties and kanji's dead I'm like [ __ ], no man.

How did y'all get that info that [ __ ] quick and then they made a point to show that kanji's seen easy in the window.

There's no point of killing him right, then, because [ __ ].

What's the point of me knowing that he seen him, he didn't get a chance to tell nobody unless they cut to his death scene and he like, and then it was his kid was in there too.

You know he met.

Oh you [ __ ].

He has every right to be on full [, __, ] them [, __, ] mode.

You try to blow up my son yeah.

That's one thing to kill me: we got beat going on.

Why? Don't you give a [ __ ] a [ __ ] monkey wrench could have flew out of one of them anything boxes.

It's an explosion, man.

This is a concussion like like it yeah that's radius, yeah I, don't know where we gonna go going forward because they're definitely right outside I, don't know how they're gonna get out of there.

They must have a back door, so I think everybody got it back.

Those houses that don't have back doors I'm, not going there with you, but yeah, definitely definitely dope season.

If there's one more episode, then we'll do this again next episode, but for now I'm saying this was the season finale we gonna check on out.

If you enjoyed it bam, hit that thumbs up also make sure to share and subscribe, and let us know in the comments what you thought, we'll catch y'all later salute to General homie Joe, we gone yeah.


How does Mayan MC end? ›

The episode ended with a hooded figure setting fire to the warehouse full of heroin owned by cartel queen Soledad (Selene Luna) — the same heroin that EZ just staked the club's entire future on.

How did Mayans MC Season 3 end? ›

In the season 3 finale, Gaby chose herself and her future as she left behind the man she loves in Santo Padre. But her departure will take EZ "south of the light," James says. "He's got places to go and some bridges to burn now."

What's the first episode of the Mayans about? ›

Is Mayans after Jax dies? ›

“Sons of Anarchy” spinoff “Mayans M.C.” takes place four years after leading man Jax (Charlie Hunnam) died, but is there a chance fans will catch a glimpse of him in the new series — even in flashback?

Does the Mayans start after Jax dies? ›

Mayans MC is set three years after the events in Sons of Anarchy, and the final day of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is discussed in the show. “We talk a little about that final day with Jax and how it changed [the] Northern California [motorcycle club world],” Sutter said.

What caused Maya to end? ›

A severe, prolonged drought created an agricultural crisis that swept all of the Maya kingdoms into history. That's the popular narrative for the fall of the ancient Maya.

Which son was killed in Mayans season 4? ›

At the top of that list is the loss of Alvarez's son Esai (played by Kevin Alejandro in Sons of Anarchy), and his desire to avenge his death. Esai was stabbed in the head by SAMCRO's Happy Lowman (David Labrava), the same killer who took out EZ's (JD Pardo) mom Marisol on the order of Dita Galindo (Ada Maris).

Did Ez and Emily have a baby? ›

Emily and EZ dated throughout high school and he was her first love. It's revealed while EZ is in prison, she had their child aborted as she felt betrayed by EZ and wanted to spite him. Whilst EZ was inside, she wound up falling in love with, and marrying, Miguel Galindo, leader of the Galindo Cartel.

Who betrayed the Mayans? ›

In a way, Hank has betrayed Santo Padre by choosing to help Alvarez.

What SoA member did the Mayans find dead? ›

Season 4, Episode 5," Death of the Virgin," kills off Johnny "El Coco" Cruz. Played by Richard Cabral, Coco first appeared in the series premiere of Mayans M.C., "Perro/Oc." The character has played a key role in the series and repeatedly proven himself an important member of the Santo Padre club. Mayans M.C.

What MC is Mayans based on? ›

For Sons of Anarchy fans, Mayans MC brings back memories and is related heavily on the show that it's based on. The crime drama action show Sons of Anarchy, created by Kurt Sutter, followed Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunman) and the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club in California.

How old was Abel when Jax dies? ›

Seven-week-old Abel-Jax Mailey died two days after being found unresponsive at a property on Piccadilly Road in Burnley on 28 November 2021. Oliver Mailey, 26, was jailed for at least 16 years following a trial at Preston Crown Court in January.

What happens to Abel and Thomas after Jax dies? ›

He Died for Our Sins: The first clue is right there in the plot, which is all about Jax sacrificing himself so his sons can have a better life. Wendy, Nero, Abel, and Thomas escape from Charming to a farm in the country. That's not a euphemism! They presumably live happily ever after!

Who is the dead son at the end of Mayans? ›

Continue reading at your own risk... Heading into the finale, the Mayans had decided to take revenge on the Vatos Malditos for the death of Riz, who was initially shot in the VM attack but was killed by Mayans VP Taza.

Do Jax and Tara reconcile before she dies? ›

The finale took fans on a heartbreaking series of twists and turns that saw Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Tara's (Maggie Siff) soulful reconciliation after being at odds all season, followed up immediately by Tara's death by meat fork at the hands of her out-of-control and misinformed mother-in-law Gemma (Katey Sagal).

Who does Jax get with after Tara dies? ›

Gemma, desiring to destroy her son's relationship with Tara, promised to help Wendy reunite with Jax. After a rift between Tara and Jax and the murder of Donna Winston, Jax and Wendy reconciled and were seen making love. She was last seen at Donna's funeral watching Tara kiss Jax. Jax and Wendy with their newborn.

Who is still alive at the end of SOA? ›

Of all the surviving members of SAMCRO by the end of Sons of Anarchy, Chibs, Tig, and Happy (though he was initially part of the Nomad Charter) are the only ones who were part of the club since season 1, and they all ended up in high ranks: Chibs became the President of SAMCRO when Jax sacrificed himself, leaving Tig ...

Does EZ end up with Emily? ›

It's revealed while EZ is in prison, she had their child aborted as she felt betrayed by EZ and wanted to spite him. Whilst EZ was inside, she wound up falling in love with, and marrying, Miguel Galindo, leader of the Galindo Cartel. They later had a son named Cristobal.

Who betrayed the club in Mayans? ›

In a way, Hank has betrayed Santo Padre by choosing to help Alvarez. While Alvarez does absolutely want what's best for the Mayans M.C. as a whole, he doesn't really have any particular loyalties to the Santo Padre chapter.

Who was the Sons of Anarchy in the Mayans finale? ›

Mayans M.C. came to the end of its fourth season on FX with the return of a character from Sons of Anarchy. Tig Trager (played by Kim Coates) appeared in a couple of scenes in which he and Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) tried to bring the war between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy to an end.

What happens to Alvarez in Mayans? ›

Originally, Alvarez was the President of the Mayans Oakland chapter and eventually became the Godfather of the group. However, the end of Mayans M.C. Season 1 saw Alvarez resigning to work with Miguel Galindo, the leader of the Galindo Cartel, to secure the group's drug trade.

What happened to Ezekiel and Emily's baby? ›

Emily's Story

Although her sister and her best friend gave encouragement, the father of her baby responded with anger telling her that he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby...she decided abortion was her only choice.

Who does Emilie end up with? ›

Who does Emily end up with in Emily in Paris? Those that are Team Alfie will be pleased to know that, not far into season three, Emily chooses her hot Brit Alfie over Gabriel. The former star-crossed lovers agree they have to put an end to their romance.

Who does Emily end up with? ›

In the finale, Emily finally chooses between Alfie and Gabriel and also mends her relationship with Mindy after some slight tension in their friendship.

Is Jax mentioned in Mayans MC? ›

Happy Lowman wasn't the only SOA character to get mentioned in Mayans, and it was nice for fans to hear Jax Teller's name get dropped too when the Mayans were discussing a new arrangement for supplying cartel.

Why is Bishop mad at Taza? ›

Bishop's angry about everything that happened due to Taza hiding his sexuality, including one of their own brothers being killed, though the latter fears there's much worse coming. Then Taza prepares to be shot.

Who kills Isaac Mayans? ›

This causes the Santo Padre Mayan to grab a gun and shoot Isaac in the throat. In the end, Isaac's lieutenant tells Coco and Gilly to go -- and take Hope with them.

Which son died in Mayans? ›

At the top of that list is the loss of Alvarez's son Esai (played by Kevin Alejandro in Sons of Anarchy), and his desire to avenge his death. Esai was stabbed in the head by SAMCRO's Happy Lowman (David Labrava), the same killer who took out EZ's (JD Pardo) mom Marisol on the order of Dita Galindo (Ada Maris).

Is any SOA in Mayans? ›

Tig remained the only one of the surviving characters from Sons of Anarchy not to appear on Mayans MC. However, that was finally changed with his brief appearance in the season four finale. As vice president of Charming's chapter of the Sons of Anarchy, he negotiates with the Mayans to come to a ceasefire.

Who died in Mayans Season 5? ›

In the latest episode, titled My Eyes Filled and Then Closed on the Last of Childhood Tears, brothers EZ and Angel finally killed Happy, the person who murdered their mother.

Why is Alvarez called El Padrino? ›

You may have noticed Alvarez was called El Padrino, Spanish for Godfather, by his fellow Mayans. This is a title of immense respect as […]

Is Alvarez the Mayans president? ›

Marcus Alvarez is the President of the Mayans MC.

What did happy do to Alvarez's son? ›

In the episode "Hell Followed", Happy killed Mayan President Marcus Alvarez's son, Esai Alvarez, as payback for the Mayans attempted hits on Clay and Ernest Darby. Esai Alvarez's father sanctioned the hit in a jail-house deal with Clay in exchange for SAMCRO selling guns to the Mayans.

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Introduction: My name is Dr. Pierre Goyette, I am a enchanting, powerful, jolly, rich, graceful, colorful, zany person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.