Luke Belmar Exposes The Swiss Banking Fraud (2023)


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This is Zermatt Switzerland, a fairy tale town at the base of the Matterhorn.

You know like the mountain on those Toblerone chocolates.

Your grandma keeps in her living room.

Zermatt is a breathtaking and ritzy Mountain getaway full of Rich tourists, Swiss billionaires and these [ __ ] guys the Belmar boys are back at it again and this time they glitch to the middle of the Swiss Alps and brought some millionaire buddies with them.

That's me, champ, but I think they only brought me here to do this.

Intro anyways, you've seen a lot of Vlogs, but I promise.

You've never seen one like this, so sit down, strap in and get ready to get unplugged, because this is what life looks like when you become an anomaly.

Oh and Luke.

Asked me to remind you guys that tap water is for Bots anyway, enjoy the views, because it's about to get real.

Ladies and gentlemen, time is of the essence.

Artificial intelligence is knocking at your door.

Chat GPT is Right amongst us.

It is scraping the internet, pooling information and making you look like an absolute buffoon.

I was shredding the slopes here in zarma, with some of my buddies and eventually we got lost right.

We got separated on the slopes and you get paired up with random people when you go up the gondola I'm in a situation where you know I'm paired up with this random kid 16 year old, he checks out my snowboarding outfit he's like hey, that's a dope outfit.

We start chopping, it up long story short 60 year old kid has a 4.1 GPA top of his class in high school.

Best of the best worked his ass off to be in a situation where he could get a nice college scholarship to be in a place where you know he can be financially secure.

Well, young man.

What do you want to study? Well, I want to study engineering.

Excuse me.

Yeah I mean I'm going to be studying engineering and when I graduate in eight years, I'm going to be in a really good place.

I'm going to be able to make ends, meet I'm, going to have a really good paying job.

I said, sir.

Let me ask you a question: in eight years, by the time you graduate and You Begin your career will artificial intelligence replace your newfound skill set, because when it comes to mathematics, Precision, numbers statistics and probabilities, artificial intelligence is a lot more powerful than any human alive.

You need to be building companies of the future.

You need to be doing things of tomorrow because based on Moore's Law, Technologies advancing extremely quickly and it's becoming extremely cheap and cost efficient.

The fact that somebody right now in Africa in a third world country has access to artificial intelligence to you fundamentally and radically change their lives.

Now, we've democratized access to big things.

The question is: will you be consumed by artificial intelligence? Live in the past, live with this [ __ ] idea that college and university will be worth it or you're going to understand where the world is going.

8, 10, 15, 20 years from now, and you will position yourself accordingly, instead of studying engineering, why don't you become a software engineer? Why don't you become a machine learning expert you'll, be in a situation where now you integrate with AI, and you still get to exercise your passion in University, so I told them hey bro.

You should really check it because at the end of the day you to the university, you are a customer.

You are a number as much as they want to give you the alumni, the colors.

That's all a cultish identity, that's how they charge you for a whole lot of [, __ ].

So, ladies and gentlemen, start using artificial intelligence or you will be left behind I I'm alone, you are in [ __ ], Zermatt Switzerland, with your boys, shredding the slopes, independent free, rich, and you didn't compromise your soul in the process.

That's right, and that is why you're successful that's right and keeping that at the front of mind, will allow me to reach another level of success and that level of success is personal success.

The Bible says it: what does a man gain if he gains the whole world? If it loses himself yeah, you gain nothing bro.

This is all a video game.

It's a test: it's a test, bro, so no comparison, bro! The comparison is you yesterday, everybody's fake, you can crack the code.

What's the code be [, __, ], legit and people don't even tap into their fullest potential because they want to be somebody else.

Hence why I don't [ __ ], compare myself to anybody except the dude in the mirror.

I, don't know about your life like I'd, be delusional to compare myself to anything about you except I, know that you're a great guy, we're friends, but there's so many things that are happening in the psyche: the subconscious of family.

All these things that construct the dynamic of somebody else's life I, don't want somebody else's life, I'll make my life a great life and a life to enjoy.

It's like this same thing, with chasing success or the next thing people like achieve hundred thousand dollar e-commerce store, which, when you started Drop Shipping.

That was like the thing.

If you could do a hundred thousand dollars in a month that was a [ __ ].

As soon as you hit it, you don't even enjoy it because you see the guy doing a million right.

You had originally forgot that you were a scrub at zero, but the problem is comparison is the killer of Joy.

It robs you of the joy.

Why? Because your energies isn't focused on you, it's focused on somebody else.

That's why I love the hate, I love! When people talk about me because they're just giving me their energy, so I can wield it and get richer.

What are people what people say about you? People love me bro.

We are about to uh.

Quite literally fly in the air was 14 months ago.

I lived in a tiny two-bedroom apartment and now worth about nine thousand dollars.

Brother dog [, __ ], literally in my hallway ceiling molded out black mold, couldn't get it fixed for six months.

Uh fast forward, 12 months, we're flying in Switzerland brother anything is possible.

It's all on the mine.

Anything is possible to them that believe, and multi-million dollar bank account.

He was humble.

He left that out.

Let's do it.

Thanks to the constellations I'll tell you the average [ __ ] user, they're gonna bounce in three seconds bro.

You need to simulate them immediately, getting them intrigued.

What you're, [ __ ] doing and you have to give them a reward.

Dude fast onboarding, though, when I have my products, there's no [ __ ] onboarding.

Look at my [ __ ] apps.

My last app.

The onboarding was enter your Instagram username password, no email, no phone number, nothing I tell every founder.

You know how much twilio [ __ ] costs those texts you get into the code but dude.

It's so much money at scale.

My buddy sold his company Discord his biggest expense.

He was spending like mid five figures, maybe low 60 days a month.

The little text enter the code.

You don't need that [ __ ].

Why? You need the phone number? Why do you need the email? You don't don't you're, not gonna use it.

Icloud stores your login bro yeah you're not going to use it all of you delete an app re-download.

It you'll be automatically logged in bro, dude I literally picked one button and I'm inside I'm.

Already in there, you don't have them think bro.

You do one action, you get them right in bro and then you have like big red text is amazing.

It's just like you want it's like dopamine engine dude, it's all science, man, I did this.

For five years, I was 18.

When I started.

Bro I was cool.

It's all science.

You need to understand the way the brain works.

Setting up triggers for people to react to.

Well, you know what it is.

It's it's you, you create the problem, yeah right.

We know this.

We know this model right.

You know like how our world is running.

You create the problem and you create the solution and you make it very easy to solve the problem.

So you do both of them and you make it difficult for everybody else to solve it exactly yeah, and you say that everybody else is discredited to solve the problem except you because you've been solving the problem from the beginning.

Dude, it's the same game.

Bro just played a different [ __ ] out.

That's it are you playing on like a huge? Are you moving markets? Bro? Are you selling econ products? Are you building apps? It's the same.

[ __, ] game I mean you're just dealing with people and that's why? When I wrote the anthropology of consumerism, so the the study of consumerism yeah in product research methodology because I had a success rate when I was doing e-commerce of one and four, so one in four products that I picked were six-figure net profit products.

How I wasn't looking for winning products? I was looking for winning audiences.

Oh that's the key dude, that's the key spit bro dude dude.

Here's! What comes down to Bro the product is second, it's the [ __ ] Market.

It's who you identify like if I'm gonna sell, tell them bro if I'm gonna sell to, for example, like what you do.

Bro you're selling, like baby products like I, sell to teenagers I'm gonna.

First select the [ __ ] market and I'm gonna.

Make sure that I understand the market.

I understand how do they talk? What do they? What do they saying? What's their lexicon? What are the phrases they're they're, using? How do I incorporate that into The Branding into the product? So all my apps bro are so trendy bro.

We have we use words that are demographic understanding, like the word or the term mgl.

Every [, __ ] teenager knew what that word and every person up to probably 25 every single person bro and we had a different name in the beginning, but I realized people weren't finding the app because you didn't sound like anything understood it wasn't a name.

It's not it's new.

It's not inside their realm of reality.

You need to be able to pull from what they know.

I will have literally pop-ups in apps and rather than saying continue it'll be like I bet.

Like imagine an app comes to you.

If you ask you to do something and you tap continue, and it says that that just says thank you.

Bro they're, like 16 years old, is this my buddy and then you're like hey, give us some money, we'll give you something.

They trust you automatically guys toss me.

Some point.

I got you literally: that's the game.

Bro, you think, like your [, __, ] audience and you sell to them they're so easy all right.

So we are on a bullet train in the middle of a mount right now.

Brother, Luke and I are going up to the top here of the huge Swiss Mountain to sit with the amount of water in the backgrounds.

It was Restless City it's for some games, so it's gonna be a good one.

I Define wealth as your ability to do whatever you want.

Whenever you want, wherever you want.

In order to do that, you need help.

You need relationships in order to move around effectively, you need money.

Your finances need to be secure.

Your mind needs to be in check.

It doesn't matter if you're healthy, physically and have a ton of money.

If your mind is completely [, __, ], right, I know a ton of dude.

Look at all the celebrities.

Look at all the actresses and actors that kill themselves.

They have money, they have Fame, they have good physiques, they look nice, they have all the [ __ ], but their mind is corrupted.

So the goal to be wealthy is your mind, needs to be healthy.

Your body needs to be healthy.

Your bank account needs to be healthy.

Wealth by definition is abundant.

So what is abundance making sure that everything in life is properly set up? You don't want to have an abundant bank account in an empty mind.

You don't want to have a destroyed body or destroyed relationships and have a billion dollars every billionaire.

That I've talked to I.

Think a total.

It's been like six.

Everybody tells me the two most important things in their life.

Right now is lifespan.

Longevity biohacking like how do I increase my life and how do I spend more time with the people that I love, but they understood that in order to maximize health and relationship they needed money, so they went, they got the bag, but they didn't let the bag identify them and once they got the bag, they shifted their priorities.

The problem is people, don't know how to reinvent themselves.

I reinvented myself, multiple times, people confine you to a box.

First, they were like Luke is the Ecom.

Guy did [ __ ] millions and millions and millions of dollars in e-commerce went and did Consulting, but no he's the econ guy I'm, whatever the [ __ ] I wanted I was the nft guy there you go so you're in a situation right now where people are going to always try to box you up and limit you, but if your mind can be freed, your mind can be Limitless.

It's Limitless based off of the information that you inject into it.

The information that you have and I've said this before has given you the life that you have.

So if you want a different life, input, different information.

A few moments later.

These are Caucasian sport, bro I was in the kit park for four days and I didn't leave the slope.

I'm gonna show you one slope that is [ __, ], nice bro, and it's good and we're gonna run it today.

Bro, let's just go sledding the mountain cannot conquer you, my brother, you will not quit.

We should ride down to the bottom.

What do you say? Let's do it? Let's get it uh you're a big Bitcoin guy yep.

So what do you think I? Think Bitcoin is the only one that's going to last for the longevity of all of our Lives I.

Think crypto as a whole is just dressed up to basically disperse the money from the Federal Reserve.

When they do monetary policy.

Zero percent rates basically make Ponzi Escape.

You can see in the market.

There's icos in 2017, there's nfts in 2020 2021.

All this money is just printed all over.

It needs places to go.

People dress up all these projects as little schemes to basically funnel the money from the FED into their pockets.

Then everything blows up.

Then taxes are due.

Everyone goes broke and then the whole cycle repeats again, but bitcoin's, the only one that's been, you know surviving since 2008, and it's still here today, it's the only one that just keeps going.

Yes, there's bubbles, it's a monetary policy, pumping in pumping out QE, QT back and forth again and again and again, but Bitcoin always makes higher lows every single cycle.

Isn't it funny how Society tends to create desire materialistic things like Lamborghinis Ferraris Mansions, when some things that are free are so much better, so much more beautiful, we're out here, climbing the mountain grounding enjoying the cold weather and just appreciating creation itself, and if you ask me, I, feel like this experience itself is way more wholesome.

Stick to the important things appreciate.

The Small Things appreciate the free things because perhaps they're a lot better than those creative I missed.

You must understand that there is more than one path at the top of the mountain.

Many people have their parents, stun them and their growth is stunted because their parents have fear of.

Oh, my son or my daughter are gonna, get hurt or they're gonna end up in trouble or completely the other side.

They just hate success.

They think that all rich people are bad people or they think that money's bad when in reality, they're just ignorant yeah.

So now I was in a situation where I realized my parents advice with regards to how to live an ideal life was not cut out for me.

Why not because their advice wasn't applicable, but because I did not want to live the life that they had and the life that they had was based off of the information that they knew and therefore the information that they knew was filtered through and their advice came only from the information that they have so their life isn't amazing and the information that they have isn't amazing then most likely their advice isn't amazing either.

So I was like [ __ ].

What my parents think and I know that sounds insane like people go.

Oh look, you're, disrespectful to your parents, brother, your parents won't feel disrespected when you retire them sit them in a nice little Ferrari and Monaco, with the entire family gathered around the table, overlooking the coast and all your parents are happy there sipping their nice little Italian wine, seeing all the grandchildren running around.

You won't hear them asking me questions.

You won't hear them bitching and complaining at that point.

But what you're gonna have to go through is a season of echo chamber of negativity.

If you can't do this, you shouldn't do this.

You should be worried.

Why? Because they've been conditioned, Chef I have a question.

Yes, because I know you're a man of mystery.

Yes, and there I know that there's two types of chefs, those that work for profit and those that work for passions.

Do you have a secret pasta, the secret pasta that you can make me? Oh, yes, like mother used to make it America.

This is how it's going to be in the future you're going to come to the bank right.

Try to get your money out right! You're like it's over I need my money.

You're gonna try to get it all out, and then it's gonna say: oh no, we don't have that much and then you're, like okay I'll.

Take that you'll take the 500 the measly five and then it's gonna go oh, no, never mind! You can't get that either and then your money is trapped.

Well, it says you can only get 250.

Can you try and get 250.

there? We have it there, we go 250, that's what UBS bank has available it doesn't matter.

If you have millions of dollars in the bank right now, bro you can only withdraw 250 cash.

That is the banking fraud.

Ladies and gentlemen, print money out of thin air buy all the assets, extract, all the liquidity and the cash of the system and introduce Central Bank digital currencies.

This is a cool currency, though it is pretty cool.

Look at the back.

This is a nice Bill all right.

Let me try to get more money.

All right.

Peace cancel Luke on Twitter, please I hate it it's bad.

They got the cops on the way right.

We just got three stars bro, so the banks are not the safest place to leave your money.

I know you're big on investing.

What are your favorite places to invest and what do you think are some of the safest Investments people should be making So when you buy dollars or you receive dollars for your time.

Yeah you are receiving an investment right, an investment vehicle.

The reason banks are not safe is because they don't hold on to your money they're doing what you should be doing for yourself, which is investing and multiplying your money.

So these guys they come take your money, they fractionalize it and then what do they do? They lose it all they go on a bank run, they say, say: oops well, your FDIC insured covered, but then you actually read what FDIC insurance is based on the faith and good credit of the United States of America.

That's what your money is insured by by good faith and credit.

What the [ __ ] is that it makes no sense whatsoever yeah, so I like to build a basket of assets that keeps me well protected in times of turmoil.

We can clearly tell that this is a time of turmoil, absolutely so a basket of assets, that's very reliable one.

Kilo of gold, one kilo of silver you're gonna, have 10 000 Swiss Francs, because Switzerland is the banking capital of the world you're going to have 10 000 US dollars, because the United States is the military superpower of the world and you're gonna.

Have ten thousand super important dollars because Singaporean dollars are the least inflated currency and they are the fintech capital of the world and they're absolutely booming, not only that that's on the Fiat side and on like kind of the physical side, but you also want some Bitcoin.

The reason you want some Bitcoin is because Bitcoin is not going anywhere.

Bitcoin needs to be part of your portfolio, so have a physical piece.

Have some gold have some silver, have some Fiat placed on different jurisdictions and have some Bitcoin and I think that's a good basket of assets.

If world war three hits don't leave it here, hell no bro, these [ __ ], don't know [ __ ]! Alright, ladies and gentlemen, that's it for the zamrock Vlog.

Hopefully you guys are enjoying yourself just as much as we are creating this epic [ __ ] content.

What I would say some of the best on the internet, value, entertainment and overall, showing you guys what is possible in life if you haven't subscribed, if you haven't hit the like button, already make sure you do that and we'll see you guys on the next one.

Peace make the whole problem.

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