Lieu complete build 1/3 The house of 65 years old man who has survival in the forest for 20 years (2023)


Lieu complete build 1/3 The house of 65 years old man who has survival in the forest for 20 years
I really like life on the farm, I live here and enjoy the most peaceful things from nature, how about you? I'm glad you're here, I hope you enjoy the video
And you want to know about me? maybe this information will be useful:
I'm "Liều", 24 years old. I was born into a family in a rural, remote area. From a young age, I followed my father to work as hired laborers in many places, doing many different jobs, but my family life did not change. Every time I return to my hometown, I find everything so peaceful and romantic, seeing that the simple life inspires me with will and determination, I decided to leave the noisy life in the city and return to the countryside to settle down.
I built a farm in the mountains, Started everything with empty hands, inexperienced but I will try to learn
It's been 1 year, so far I have grown some vegetables and trees.
I raise a lot of chickens, ducks and will raise more wild boar, in the near future I will expand the farm on a larger scale. I will try to turn what I can raise and grow into a commercial product, helping my family and my parents economically!
How about you?
What does your passion do? like me?
Do you want to live life like me?
Will you support an ambitious girl like me?
It's fun if you're like me, Living with peaceful nature gives us a wonderful feeling, enjoying the space in nature, doing the things you like without worrying about anything.!
I will always smile when I read your comments and I will be very happy if you subscribe to the channel. thanks! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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Welcome to my new video I wish you a day full of energy.

Every time you watch my videos, Feed the chicken My usual morning, work, The, piglets, look so cute Pig food is only enough for this morning.

Mix well Feed the pig The piglets are growing very well How.

Do you see my pigs? The pigs are eating.

Deliciously I will try to complete all the work on the farm as quickly as possible.

Then go to the place to build a house for Mr.

Phay Thank, you for always being with me A lot of you contributed, but the amount is only meager On behalf of Mr.

Phay, I thank the sponsors, who are supporting and helping Joined hands to support the cost of building a house for Mr.

Phay If.

Nothing changes.

It is expected that in about 10 days, Mr.

Phay will have a new house.

I will try to finish it as soon as possible.

Any contributions, please send via paypal.

I, have a paypal link in the description of the video Thank you I will use pumpkin to cook pork.

Bran The pig food has also run out so I need to cook pork, bran Sweep, the kitchen to cook pig food.

Clean It is necessary to keep the hygiene clean so as not to cause diseases for pets.

Set up the fire, Put water in the pot Carrying out the halving of pumpkins Separating pumpkin seeds can be used as seeds to plant for the next crop.

A pumpkin has been damaged inside A.

Lot of pumpkin seeds can be planted for the next season.


Do you usually store seeds? Cut, the pumpkin into small pieces for faster cooking A lot of nutrition for pigs to grow quickly? What dishes.

Do you usually cook pumpkin for? Split, the pumpkin seeds out again Pumpkin seeds, I will dry to make seeds for the crop.

Harvest, sweet, potato vegetables, Sweet, potato vegetables grow very well.

I have grown a lot of sweet potato vegetables on the farm.

To have enough for pigs on the farm.

The same goes for papaya and cassava A basket: full of sweet potatoes, Bring home, sweet potato vegetables to cook with pork, bran Use, the machine to cut the sweet potato vegetables.

The machine saves me a lot of time.

The machine helps me cut sweet, potato vegetables very quickly, Lots of sweet, potato vegetables Put it in the pot to cook with the pumpkin What.

Do you think of this cooking method? Stir? Well, Pigs love to eat, sweet potato vegetables, Corn, flour, Mix well with water, so that the cornstarch is stretched Put in the pot and cook with the pumpkin and sweet potato A pot of food full of nutrition Adjust to make the fire bigger, Wash your hands and feet Stir well to cook pork bran pot quickly, The bran is ripe.

I will take the firewood out.

I finished the work on the farm.

The construction site is still operating normally Today.

Some other builders came to help.

Now I have come to the place to build Phay's house Fortunately.

Today, my father lent me a motorbike to move here.

So commuting is easier.

An audience member asked me.

Why? Don't you buy a motorbike? You see.

I often use the funds for charity.

So, it's impossible to save enough money to buy a motorbike.

I can't win the mind.

My philanthropic determination is very strong.

Helping, the poor, So I'm still sharing my dad's car for the time being But.

If you support me, I will buy a motorbike..

haha Every time.

I come here, I usually help with transportation such as mortar and bricks, so that the builders can be quick.

Each person has a job What work.

Are you doing today? I'm helping deliver mortar for construction? The job is progressing smoothly.

Continue to build the foundation in front of the house.

The weather is very sunny.

Looking down from above.

You can see the whole view of the house under construction.

I feel the weather is very hot right now.

The rows of bricks are arranged and built neatly You can see.

The foundation of the house is placed with iron bars.

It will help the foundation of the house to be more solid.

Construction work is quite tiring.

Today, Due to the weather today is very sunny.

As you can see, use palm leaves to reduce the sun's rays.

I have entrusted everything to the construction contractor.

Everything is going well, I hope it will be fine.


I asked Mr.

Phay to come with me to see how his new house is But when I got there, Mr.

Phay was gone, I can't bring Mr.

Phay here Due to the long distance, Mr.

Phay could not walk I hope to see Mr.

Phay tomorrow.

And bring him here, I'm very curious, I, don't know how he will feel Do.

You support me to build a house for Mr.

Phay? Please.

Let me know in the comments Any donations please send via Paypal, I have to link In the video description.

Thank you very much Thank you for donating and supporting me.

I go to the forest to get some bamboo Do.

You guys know what I use bamboo for? A large amount of bamboo will be needed.

The bamboos are very big.

Cut off the branches of the bamboo tree Have.

You ever gone to the forest to get bamboo to serve your work? Very difficult, isn't it? Every time taking bamboo, getting out of the forest is very difficult for me.

Do, you feel like that?, The bamboo is stuck on top and it's hard to take it down.

I started moving them out of the forest Need to move each bamboo to be able to move them out of the forest Gather them in one place and tie These bamboos I will use for scaffolding Moving to the construction site.

The road is quite difficult, so moving the bamboo is quite difficult.

After a while, the bamboo trees also reached the construction site.

Construction work is still going very well.

I feel very tired.

The wall has been built.

High I need to rest for a while to regain my strength to continue working Dig the ground, The excavated soil will be poured in to make the foundation It will take a lot of soil and rock Hunt the land evenly on the sides of the house floor.

Do, you think construction work is right for me?, The bricks built up.

Look very beautiful.

The boy is learning how to build.

I have also read your comments, so this house will have 3 windows.

A house with many windows would be very good.

Right? Help, the builders transport bricks, The front yard of the house.

I will build as a porch.

The house has an area of 20 square meters.

You can see the house consists of 3 windows.

The construction today is very fast It's already getting dark, so I'll go back to the farm.

The builders are still trying to do all the work.

Work is done, so everyone pack up to rest and go home.

The video comes to an end.

Thank you for watching the video.

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