Keurig K-Cup 2X Caffeine Coffee K-Cup Taste Test DEATH WISH STARBUCKS + WALMART GREAT VALUE (2023)


I do a coffee taste test of Keurig K-Cup extra Caffeine coffee k-cups. I try the Starbucks medium roast 2X Caffeine. I also test the Death wish Coffee K-cup the World's Strongest Coffee single serve coffee pods. I also check it up against the Walmart Brand Great Value Extra Caff Medium Strong Bold Coffee K-cup which says it has 1.75X caffeine. I show you how to brew an 8 oz cup of coffee using the keurig K-Cafe Cappuccino latte coffee single serve coffee maker. I show you what is inside each k-cup and how they smell and taste. which one is better.


Hello, everyone- this is just a dad today, I'm gonna do a coffee taste test with these three they're supposed to have really high caffeine k-cups.

So this death wish it says it's the world's strongest coffee.

Then we've got this starbucks 2x caffeine and then we got this walmart extra caffeine k-cup.

Now all three of these have got really good reviews and I'm gonna do a cup of coffee with each one I'm going to be using the keurig k cafe.

Now it's got a coffee side.

Normally we do lattes and cappuccinos with the this side, which does a espresso shot, but today we're going to be using the comp we're going to make cups of cups of coffee, and I like to use the eight ounce setting um eight ounces seems to be just about the right amount of coffee for a k-cup.

I've done quite a few taste tests.

Six ounces, pretty strong, ten ounces, pretty weak, eight ounce seems just right.

I don't use the strong brew, it brews it a little bit longer and slower, which I just don't notice that big of a taste difference, but I do know that all three of these also make really good espresso shots.

So with this machine, when you do the latte side and you want to use a k-cup and you do a shot, it runs two ounces through these k-cups, which gives you a really concentrated coffee, which is kind of like an espresso shot that you mix with your froth milk.

But again today, I'm just gonna be doing the coffee taste test side with the eight ounce.

So the first thing out these aren't brewed.

Yet I like to cut one open and kind of show you the coffee ground, so I'm gonna cut each one open and I'm gonna show you what's inside.

They all have a standard paper filter which is really nice, because that prevents sediment.

Let's do the starbucks and then this great value, extra caffeine, 1.7 x, 1.75, where that's 2x.

So again, the walmart one says it's a medium to dark.

Starbucks medium, the death wish really doesn't say, but so the starbucks to me has that kind of more dark smell to it and it's probably the darkest of all of them.

The death wishes medium, that's the lightest, so the walmart extra caffeine is the lightest.

Now the death wish smelled, really good.

The starbucks kind of has that signature starbucks, I don't want to say, burnt, but just kind of like a like a a well-roasted coffee, um kind of like a darker coffee to me and the death wish is more of just seems like a fuller, uh smell to it, and this may be just a little bit lighter, but they both have a really strong coffee, um kind of like a neutral coffee smell.

Okay, so we're gonna brew an eight ounce cup of coffee, first coffee, eight ounce.

Now this is the death wish.

Okay, so the death wish it smells like a really good cup of coffee.

It tastes pretty bitter, so it tastes.

You know it's pretty pretty dark to me kind of a dark bitter coffee.

Let's take it out, I'm gonna do a rinse in between each one.

Okay, now, let's do the starbucks one coffee, eight ounce, okay, okay, so now the starbucks smells really good.

It kind of has that so starbucks to me has a signature taste.

I know I've read online people caught like a burnt taste or something I don't necessarily know that it's burnt, but it to me it's like darker, maybe a little richer, but it's kind of um, almost maybe a smoky uh taste to it, I'm not quite sure, but it definitely.

This is the starbucks signature, taste, okay, so let's do the walmart one again, coffee, eight ounce, k-cup, okay! So now this is the walmart one.

Now to me, this tasted, the weakest, but it smelled, but it smelled the lightest.

You know: that's the starbucks one's.

Definitely the richer flavor, this one's more of a darker flavor.

So the big question here is so taste might be one thing, but I think people are going to want to know.

Do you actually get a little more caffeine kick so I have tried these out.

It's really really hard.

I'm pretty used to caffeine, but I have noticed maybe a little difference with the starbucks and the death wish.

As far as a little more caffeine, kick it's not like you get jittery or nothing um, but because my body is just so used to caffeine, but I do think you get a little more kick, but what I really like about these, these k-cups make great espresso shots for lattes and cappuccinos.

They make a good cup of coffee, but I really like that concentrated more caffeine, concentrated coffee.

When I do my espresso shots, you run because when you do the the latte and cappuccino side, it runs two ounces of water like right now, that's eight ounces, so two ounces of water is a really really concentrated again.

I don't know if it gets all the caffeine and everything out of it, but um to me.

These make great espresso shots they're a little more expensive than a normal k-cup, but the death wish has been getting really really good reviews.

Lately again, it does seem like a darker, more fuller, flavored, coffee, okay.

So I'm going to cut all three of these k-cups open, we'll look on the inside.

This is the the death wish that we brewed they've got the fanciest k-cup, definitely different.

Here's the starbucks and here's the walmart.

Now I am noticing something I do think the walmart one has a little less coffee in it, so I've got here's the ones I cut open earlier.

So this is the starbucks one on this on the right.

This one doesn't seem to go as deep, so I think they put a little less coffee in the walmart one and again this is the starbucks one and then deathwish one seems like it's got as much coffee grounds.

They seem like they have the same amount of coffee grounds.

So let's dump out this one, that's already brewed, so they all look about this one's.

Definitely the lightest now starbucks has that that signature smell to it that I I typically smell, I'm really growing accustomed to it.

The death wish smells really good.

Now, unfortunately, the great value it doesn't smell the best after it's brewed, I'm not quite sure what that is, but um it didn't taste bad, but after brewing it doesn't have that it doesn't have a really nice smell to it kind of like a maybe a little musty smell or something I'm not sure, but definitely the death wish smelled like a good quality coffee and the starbucks again kind of their signature smell.

So I hope this video helped.

If you could leave your comments down below, I check them on a daily basis.

If you've got any questions on these again, I used to curate k.

Cafe thanks everybody for your support.

I hope this video helps I'm not an expert.

By no means like I said coffee is just a little intimidating.

I'm trying to do things that I think I might want to look at if I was looking at a video on youtube.

So thanks everybody for your support and if you could please like and subscribe.


How much caffeine is in a Starbucks Keurig 2x caffeine? ›

Keurig Genuine K-Cup Pods. Coffee with 2x caffeine (On average, Starbucks Coffee with 2x Caffeine contains twice the caffeine (260 mg) of one Starbucks K-Cup pod of black coffee (130 mg) when brewed as directed).

How much caffeine is in a Death Wish Keurig cup? ›

Death Wish Coffee K-Cup Caffeine Content

Death Wish Coffee K-Cups have around 420 mg of caffeine per cup for a serious caffeine kick. That's more than twice the amount of caffeine as your normal cup of coffee. Robusta beans are more caffeinated and bitter than Arabica beans. The blend gives you a smoother brew.

How much caffeine is in Death Wish? ›

According to Consumer Reports: due to the combination of beans and a special roasting process, an 8oz cup of Death Wish has 472 mg of caffeine. That's 2-4 8oz cups of coffee for most people.

Is there a lawsuit against Keurig? ›

In reality, most regional recycling facilities weren't able to process the K-Cups due to either their material classification or small size, meaning the cups were not, effectively, recyclable, the lawsuit alleged. Without admitting any wrongdoing, the company agreed in February 2022 to a $10 million settlement.

Which K-cup has the highest caffeine content? ›

The choice of the best strong K-Cup coffee depends on your preferences. If you're looking for a true caffeine kick, Death Wish and Red Alert are some of the highest caffeine K-Cups on the market at 300mg.

Which K-Cups have the most caffeine? ›

  • High Caffeine K-Cup Sampler Pack.
  • Devil Mountain Black Label K-Cups.
  • Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups.
  • Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast K-Cups.
  • Good Times Black Rhino Espresso Roast K-Cups.
  • Black Rifle Coffee Rounds.
  • Shock Coffee Extra Strength K-Cups.
  • Napalm Extra Dark Roast K-Cups.
Jan 31, 2022

Which Death Wish Coffee is the strongest? ›

That's why, just like our OG Dark Roast and Valhalla Java, Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast is The World's Strongest Coffee.

Is Death Wish Coffee actually stronger? ›

The caffeine content of Death Wish Coffee is around 200% higher than the average cup of coffee.

How much caffeine is too much a day? ›

Up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That's roughly the amount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee, 10 cans of cola or two "energy shot" drinks. Keep in mind that the actual caffeine content in beverages varies widely, especially among energy drinks.

How do you get caffeine out of your system ASAP? ›

If caffeine can make people feel sick, having a few ways to handle caffeine could come in handy.
  1. Physical Activity. Drinking caffeine increases adrenaline in the body, and performing a physical activity is the only way to burn it off. ...
  2. Drinking Water. ...
  3. Eating Food. ...
  4. Waiting. ...
  5. Try New Drinks.
Oct 6, 2021

What is the strongest coffee in the world? ›

Devil Mountain Coffee boasts of being the strongest coffee in the world. The Black Label has 1,555 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, which is more than three times the FDA's recommended daily amount. They have a few different coffee types, including the Inferno Bold, their cold brew, and several holiday blends.

Who owns Death Wish Coffee? ›

Mike Brown is the founder of Death Wish Coffee.

How much caffeine is in a 2x pod at Starbucks? ›

100% arabica coffee. Flavored coffee with 2x caffeine (On average, Starbucks Coffee with 2X caffeine contains twice the caffeine (260 mg) of one Starbucks K-Cups pod of black coffee (130 mg) when brewed as directed).

What is Starbucks 2 times caffeine K-cups? ›

Starbucks® Coffee with 2x Caffeine has the rich, flavorful taste you love with twice the caffeine. We've combined our Caffè Verona® with coffee extracts, a source of caffeine naturally found in coffee beans, to give you an extra boost to take on the day. Compared to one K-Cup® pod of Starbucks® black coffee.

How much caffeine is in 2x coffee? ›

Coffee with 2x caffeine (On average, Starbucks coffee with 2x caffeine contains twice the caffeine (260 mg) of one Starbucks K-cup pod of black coffee (130 mg) when brewed as directed). Naturally found in coffee extracts with caffeine.

How much caffeine is in a Keurig K-cup from Starbucks? ›

With all that considered, on average, Starbucks® K-Cup® pods have about 13 mg of caffeine per ounce. Most Keurig® brewers make a 10-12 ounce cup. Thus, one cup has about 143 mg of caffeine.

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