Final seconds of our PLANE CRASH | *CAUGHT ON CAMERA* (2023)


This started out as just a fun day with our friends. We decided to go for a flight over the Uinta mountains. It was beautiful, after coming over the mountains we had engine failure and had to do a crash landing. So many miracles took place and we are forever grateful to the people who came to our rescue. Thank you to Tami Schellenberg for narrating your Instagram post so that we could add it to our video. Your words said everything we felt and we knew it needed to be part of this video.

Any ad revenue from this video will be going towards Gentry's medical bills. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this time.

The Feild Family will also be sharing their experience on their channel. Make sure to follow them!

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At the end of every video, we add old home video clips when the kids were really little. :)


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Betsy, will you just tell everybody what we're about to do going on a plane like the little bitty scary plane? That's right, wait hold on the kind of planes that that probably like I'm not scared of much but and probably anything other than flying in a little plane, but I did take some cbd oil.

I don't know if you know what that is, but chad has a company.

Okay and um hit up shad on his instagram.

If you want some, I'm gonna see if it actually calms me down or if it makes me even more nervous that oil better work, you should be feeling it bud.

Here's the thing you guys, I am not good with peer pressure.

Shad is taking me on the ride of my life and life is all about experiences.

Okay, that's why I would encourage anybody to do what I'm about to do, because you just can't get these experiences all the time um.

He left the car running again.

Gentry left the car running when he went to go get gas today, but also during a three-hour concert, and he left the car running on the main road.

Sorry that I'm so um hyper focused on the situations at hand rather than turning off the car.

Okay, when I have that's that's the beauty about me is, if I see something- and I know it needs to be done- I just super focused on it so um and it's actually a really it's a gift.

So anyway dad you promised to take care of us, but in all seriousness, can you imagine just having a plane and being able to fly so they can get to like it took us two and a half hours to drive here they can get to salt lake in, like I don't know, 20 minutes, so you can live out here and just be able to fly wherever you want to go, oh and by the way, yeah this airport out here we just parked over there and then there's just plains.

So we just kind of on the tarmac.

I think that's what the pilots call it, but anyway he's doing his he's, making sure everything's, nice and tidy and we're going to take off.

Do you know that we don't care? Are you ready jazz? How do you feel when you get up into the plane? Be honest, be honest with my fans all right, I'm gonna be honest with my fam, it's a little bit nerve-wracking at first, but then, when you get gliding and you're like okay, there, it's fine, then you're, okay, but then, when you like, you look down, and then you realize that you can't get out you can't just pull over and get out if you want to and you're like stuck in there, you get a little classroom.

Oh this sounds delightful.

I do have a surprise for you, guys brother husband, a brother husband, hey you're, parachuting.

Out of that, is there a parachute? I would love a parachute.

I don't think a parachute is gonna help.

Okay, let's do this, the cbd oil, better work.


Do you really think it's would never do? Okay? That would be even remotely dangerous.

That sounds like a confident pilot right there.

Well, I was, if I don't make it- and these are my final words just know.

I love everybody.

Okay, peace and love all right.

This is twice as safe as what it would be to drive back to home from before you guys, hey guys, I'm asking jennifer if she has a bad feeling jennifer's the one that will know guys.

Jennifer will tell me.

I think I think at this point I just say goodbye, have a safe flight and I'll see you on the ground.

No you're, not you're, coming yep get in here.

Why do I have to sit in the front? Actually, I know why you put me in the front, because if something happens in shad I can land it.

I have to slide this back and then I'll slide back up.

Oh, oh thank promise.

Just relax, okay, we're gonna land, okay.

This was where we were playing when we saw the plane crash.

I remember heading over there not sure where they were or what I was going to find.

As I came over the sand hill with the plain and view a few people crowding its doors and others huddled on the ground nearby.

I prayed I prayed for them and I prayed for angels to be with them and in the moment of that thought, as though an overwhelming reassurance, I felt a flood of peace.

I knew that angels were there while jake and his brothers helped pull the men from the plane as it was leaking fuel.

I offered what comfort I could to the three on the ground.

As time went on, more people came to help, so many people and I marveled at it all how they all survived, how there were so many miracles.

They had just flown over the uinta mountains and somehow they landed here close to help their engine cut out, while they were over the lake twelve seconds separated them from the ground, but peace held back their panic as the pilot skillfully, weighed his options and prepared for crash landing.

Had the engine trouble set in just 45 seconds before they believed they wouldn't have made it running.

Was some of the first onto the scene were campers preparing to check out an emt and a paramedic? They arrived just when they were needed.

They knew what to do and directed the others.

Their arrival wasn't coincidence.

As I sat in the dry field with some of the passengers and others, I marveled gratefully that in its crashing and leaking in the heat of the day, the plane and the field didn't catch fire.

The stories of us all will someday run together to witness of all the miracles, but for now I can witness.

I felt heaven there that day the sight of the crash felt like sacred ground.

I felt it so profoundly as the paramedics arrived and cared for the injured.

I walked by one of the men, quiet and still his face and legs covered in bandages and support.

All I could do was pray I prayed over him and I prayed over the others and again in powerful reassurance.

I felt a flood of peace, an overwhelming love.

It stayed with me while I was there grounding me in the assurance that god was with them.

Heaven's help was there you.

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