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Good morning guys we have had an interesting morning word of advice.

If you ever decide to do the Virginia Creeper in the fall, make reservations ahead of time.

That's all I gotta say we did it in the spring and we loved it and wanted to go back in the fall and peak season and actually right now we are in peak season, but we were kind of playing it by ear with the countess wedding and see how the weather was going to be in all that with camping and how we were going to do this.

And so I have been on the phone literally all morning calling the different bike shops and check in on the shuttles and trying to get reservations, and it is been crazy.

So there's that, but we did manage to you a little bit of school in this morning and we are getting ready to head out.

Our homeschool group is taking a tour of the power company, so the boys are excited to go and check that out.

So we are heading out the door right now to go and check that out.

Hey guys, we ready for our field trip, you look so excited.

Let me tell you, you hardly contain yourself right, yello, very excited.

Have it I think so, two days when he gonna be fun for here came around for the field trip and will Davis here, I can't see you Davis.

He said he has on reversible shorts and decided that he's gonna I want our hockey side.

He wants the pocket side, so he is in the back seat.

Here switch bit shorts around only my children, only my children.

We are here right, let's fun being this, can switch the shores to the black side.

Yay, would you say: I got y'all I'm on the dark side now or live come on me, man, what'swhat's, rad, break time.

We are looking right, it's hot out here and it's too hot for October.

Isn't it towards indy guys, which thing do I can't leave bumped him a Hershey's kisses, that's kind of gross like don't drop that in the car.

Put you learn here is your trash.

What did you learn? Davis feel like Trisha me how it's played, how they do it yep did.

You have a favorite part of the tour.

What was it? Electricity I think.

That's the whole talkin that they had how many kitchens kitchen, maybe four, maybe more- did Dennis.

Take it those yeah we just got back from our a tour group thing, and so that was really fun and we really like that and now I come home to a surprise that I had actually had chicken thawing and it is not thought so we're doing a makeshift meals.


It is I know it's not really.

I don't know I hate doing sandwiches at dinner time, but the chickens not thought- and I really don't want to go out because we're already backing in sochi, anna thought of going back out to grab something is just too time-consuming and the boys are happy.

They've not had their daily sandwiches, because when we left we grab the bars and stuff to eat for our field trip, so they are not complaining with their sandwiches, fruit and chips.

But anyway, right now, I'm working on some things.

I've got to get some work done.

I've got some deadlines coming up and I go to do that and I got a really neat book.

I'm going to show you two for Davis's home school, so I'm gonna show you that too real quick today.

This has been reading about um, abraham lincoln, and so I picked this up for him and I just love these little history pockets.

This is going to be just for Davis, so we're going to go more in depth for the Civil War because he likes that and we have some more civil war books and honestly like that, and this isn't what I've been doing with Luke and to give you an idea.

This is why I bought this one for Davis is because they are so cool because he's doing um in his home school he's doing, ancient civilization, and so I've got this that we're working on our lab folder.

So as we go, he's got his little pocket for the little things that we've learned and it is just so neat.

So we are definitely looking forward to getting to work on that.

We're probably gonna start that on Monday, but until monday we have a fun-filled weekend.

Don't we guys yep they're sitting here, eating their sandwiches and then they've got to pick up all their and a hot dog and they gotta be a bother.

Miss you see you later.

He they got all their imaginings out today and magnets and all kinds of stuff didn't ya.

Yep had fun today, Lola dear too she's waiting says he gonna drop in that sandwich.

I'm wasting my time, you're watching in time.

She says I think so she ceaseless the way he's doing.

Oh he's got it yeah, that's not a saying she's waiting on she, no fool get it.

Let get it ok.

So I guess I was wrong on that they're not having sandwiches or having leftover hot dogs.

We went to something last night and they got some hot dogs because apparently my kids they're, so embarrassing I swear.

We come to this.

This event that's going on and they have free hotdogs and chips and crackers and sodas, and things like that and anybody that knows us knows: I do not buy sodas, and so we go and they eat a little debbie.

Once again, I really don't buy those so they're eating a little debbie and then they'd win two crackers and I'm like guys.

Let's wait if you're so hungry.

When we leave, you can get some crackers.


They're hot dogs were like this big.

They were like ginormous hot dogs, so I cut him in half and they were still so big that the buns were like splitting open, and so they brought half of each of their hot dogs home last night from the event, and so that's what they're, having instead of sandwiches I'm wrong I'll, be in a sandwich to know because I've got enough leftovers, but it runs gonna have to pack that for his lunch tomorrow, because I'm, not gonna scrounge, for something for his lunch tomorrow but anyway.

So what's so embarrassing, I people probably think we don't feed our children as we're leaving the event they both grabbed.

The crackers to take home with them- it is the strangest thing- I, don't know, Davis says free foods, better food I, don't know he says it tastes better when it's free, so whatever whatever but anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed our day I'm kind of close out of here and get some more done, because I have some deadlines to get done when it comes to blogging and I'm, just kind of pushed back and I'm Way behind, because we've just run out of time here lately so I have got to get to work on that.

But I will definitely see you guys tomorrow.

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